Friday, July 23, 2010

Razi Nordin & Aadela Melati Engagement Ceremony @ Damansara [1st May 2010]

Back on the just concluded Labour Day, I was at Aadela's house to witness her engagement with Razi Nordin. There were only a few of us from the SMKBS as some were busy with their plans on the Labour Day.

As this would be my first time going to Aadela's house, I have no idea on where her house is located at. So, I gathered with Elaine, Suo Chen and Lee Chuen before heading to her house which is located somewhere in Petaling Jaya.
Aadela's house

We reached the place at 11.30am and the engagement ceremony was already undergoing. We barely knew anyone there and the only person that we knew were Aadela which was seated on a beautifully landscaped platform.
Aadela was seated like a princess

Paparazzis on duty

Blessings from the mum

The men side

Wedding gifts

Aadela's God's Mum scooping some sugar to Aadela

Happy family portrait

All smiles from Aadela

Congratulations to you Aadela on your engagement with Razi Nordin!

Those from SMKBS with the engaged couple

A pic with the beautiful bride

Aadela's precious engagement ring

By 12.30pm, we were invited to have lunch at her house garden. The setup was beautiful and warmth, very much reflecting the atmosphere on this meaningful ceremony.
The beautiful settings

The orange ladies

When 3 ladies = 1 market

Food station

There were mixed vegetables, rendang beef, fried chicken, curry potatoes and briyani rice. There was another station serving beef soup noodles, but just too bad for me since I don't take beef.
Delicious food for your pick

My food pick!

Wedding souvenirs for us

Rose being attached to the souvenir

Some music band entertaining the crowd

Want some dip?

Congratulations to both of you again, Mr. Razi and Miss Aadela!=)

Thanks Aadela for inviting us to witness your meaningful and beautiful engagement ceremony. We are looking forward to your wedding ceremony which is just round the corner! See you real soon!=)


  1. The bride is very beautiful indeed! :)

  2. All the bride are beautiful..lols~!only for that day..=p

  3. Thanks for the beautiful post ken jun ;) thanks for coming to my engagement :)

  4. No probbie aadela. Have fun preparing for your wedding, and we are looking forward to see you real soon..~

  5. w.t.f.... ermmm...... semata tidak sedar diriiii....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. adakah orang kaya suka tuka-tuka seluar dalam???
    saya perminat awakkk dannn mengapa yg dah ada hendak cari lainnnn???


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