Monday, April 4, 2011

Mum's Pork Belly Stuffed With Yam

Out of a few of my Mum's signature dishes, one of my all time favourite mum's would be the pork belly stuffed with yam. If' I am not mistaken, this dish is one of the Hakka authentic dish. My mum's recipe are being inherited from her mum, whom is my late grandma.
Pork Belly stuffed with Yam

Preparing this dish is not easy. As such, I only get to eat it maybe at most twice a year, very much depends on my mum's willingness to prepare it. According to mum, selecting a nice pork belly which has a good composition of fats and meat, and yam which is mushy are very important to deliver a good taste to the dish. After the selection of the pork belly and yam, they must be cut into square form.
Cutting the pork belly and yam into square

Next, the pork belly is being deep fried till it's goldenish brown cooked while the yam is only being deep fried briefly. Then, sandwich a slice of yam in between two slices of pork belly. Arrange them nicely in a corningware forming parallel rows.
Sandwiching the yam between the pork belly

Next would be the gravy preparation. The ingredients for the gravy are shallots, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, and spices. The ready gravy then would be drizzled on to the pork belly stuffed with yam. The last step is to steam them for 45 minutes to an hour. As the 45 minutes mark approach, my mum will keep an eye to the meat and the yam texture. You know the dish is ready to be served when the meat turn tender and the yam turn soft and mushy!
Finally, ready to be served!
Lip smacking good pork belly that are so tender and juicy coupled with the mushy yam and the flavourful gravy, making it such a scrumptious dish.

Though have I tried numerous times of the dish around, I reckon my mum still prepares it the best! Thank you Mum!

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  1. call me la wei the next time your mom is doing this. i miss your mom!!!!! and im also a big fan of pork belly. :"D


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