Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oblong Burger @ Ramley Stall

A month ago while I was visiting a Ramley stall for a Ramley Burger, I came across an advertisement about a new burger which is called "Oblong". Since, it has always crossed my mind, and I finally decided to give it a try on a night after my chilling session.
I'm not sure on the availability of this burger at every Ramley stall. Fortunately, the one very near to my place did offer this product. Being curious, I did ask them, how does that burger look like. The burger-men told me that it does look like Mcdonald's Prosperity Burger but taste better. Wow, it makes me even more excited while waiting!
Oblong Burger

The Oblong burger came with a choice of beef or chicken patty. I chose the chicken since I can't consume beef.
The burger came with a long chicken patty, slices of onions and cucumbers. It was then soaked in the Oblong sauce which is a little sweet with very light hint of spiciness. I prefer the sauce to be a bit spicy though, but I thought it was good for those without the "chili tongue".

The juicy and succulent chicken patty
The meat patty was alright but the bun was way too soft. The bun got soggy too fast and making it almost impossible to hold the burger in tact.

The Oblong burger was very fillings. It definitely fills my stomach more than the ordinary Ramley Burger. At RM 3 for a Oblong, it does qualified as a decent roadside burger that regarded as one of the cheap, nice and decent food. And now you know why I just love roadside stall burger!

Burger: 5.5/10
Price: 7/10
Verdict: Definitely a burger that is worth trying!

Location: Any roadside Ramley burger stall

Friday, March 26, 2010

Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee @ Section 14, off Jalan 222

Has always passed by this stall whenever I travel to Taman Paramount. While being inside the car, I could see a large crowd dining in the coffee shop whenever I passed by. It does make me wondering, surely must be something pulling the crowd to the coffee shop.

Finally decided to give it a try with my parents on the very last Sunday of the Ox Year 2010.

We realized that it was actually the fried noodles stall that was pulling the crowd. People were seen waiting for their food on the table whilst some were seen queuing up for take away. A point worth noting was that they used charcoal fire instead of gas.

They were 2 cook and 2 assistant helping out at the stall. They work like a machine and I never see them stopping for even a second, especially the cook.
Human Machines

We ordered the Hokkien Mee since we can smell the goodness of it the moment when we were seated. After almost half an hour wait, our food came to our table.
Hokkien Fried Noodle (RM 5 per pax)
The Hokkien Noodle was superb. It was full with flavour and the "wok hei". The noodles were spongy, without the boric acid smell and were well infused with the gravy. Making things better, the pork lards were generous too, resulting to an awesome plate of Hokkien Noodle.

We ordered a bowl of Loh Mee too from the same stall because I want something soupy.
Loh Mee (RM 5 per pax)
The Loh Mee tasted very average just like those you can find at fried noodles stall around. Nothing really hits my taste bud in particular.

Mum and I did went to order some other food while waiting for the fried noodles.

Mum couldn't resist the temptation of the Fried Carrot Cake even though she is a very health cautious lady.
Fried Carrot Cake (RM 4)
Not the best I have eaten, but I would rate it as above average. Even though I'd prefer the thicker version as in more spicy and oilier, this one does caught me for it's presence of "wok hei". A good call for those diet watcher since this is a very less oil version.

And just I thought it has been ages since I had a grilled fish, why not pamper myself with one.

Grilled Fish (RM 12)
The fish was decently infused with the curry powder. It was dry unlike those typical grilled fish that were heavily infused with oil. What really hits me were the sambal belacan condiments for the fish. It goes really well with the fish. Reminds me so much of my mum's homemade sambal belacan when she was still hardworking at kitchen.

Fried Hokkien Noodle: 8/10 (non-halal)
Loh Mee: 6/10 (non-halal)
Fried Carrot Cake: 6.5/10
Grilled Fish: 6.5/10

Atmosphere: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: Do not missed out the charcoal-fried Hokkien Mee!

Location: The row of shop lots facing the housing area (near Shell Station).

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Ah Fatt
Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee
Section 14/48J
Petaling Jaya

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lunch @ Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak [28th Jan 2010]

When talk about Setapak, it reminds me so much. I spent 4 years being there during my college life. Back in January, I was at Setapak area to buy a number plate for my new car at the JPJ headquarter.

When I reached JPJ headquarter, it was near to 1pm. I was told that they were closed for lunch break and the services only resumed at 2pm. I supposed it was a good time for me to visit Taman Bunga Raya for my lunch rather than just waiting.
Taman Bunga Raya

The street on that day were rather quiet, because most of the TARC students were having their semester break. Otherwise, it will be a very busy street. Back then during my college life, I do not owned a car, and I did ate out a lot in this area.
The street that usually full with TARCians

There was this particular roadside stall that was famous for their economy fried Bee Hoon. The Bee Hoon costed you only RM 1 and comes with sambal. Obviously, you can add on some side dishes if you fancy some extra bites.
Plenty to choose from

Tom Yam Bee Hoon with Fish Stick (RM 2)
The Bee Hoon was decently flavoured with Tom Yum. I'd still prefer the original Bee Hoon though. I chose this as the original one were sold out. And the sambal still tasted as good that goes well with the Bee Hoon. Man, brought back lots of my memories during my college time!

There were tables and chairs being setup by the roadside for those that chose to have it there. Back then, I always sit there with my bunch of friends for our lunch. I was told by the Auntie that the Bee Hoon stall boss took over the corner coffee shop right opposite this stall, and you could actually have your bee hoon there. This time round, I opted to sit in the coffee shop because it was so hot outside.
Watermelon Juice (RM 1.80)
Obviously, the price has increased but it was still below the RM 2 mark. Still tasted very decent, and at it's price, you really could not complain any further.

I walked up the alley until I reached another corner end of the shop lot. My stomach was still hungry and I chose mixed rice as my second meal because the mixed rice at Taman Bunga Raya used to be good, cheap and delicious during my college time. However, I stoned a while when the lady passed me the white rice and ask me to scoop my preferred dishes. Back then, it was them that scooped your preferred dishes.
Mixed Rice with 3 dishes (RM 3.50)
I took some pickled vegetables, fried pork meat and a slice of luncheon meat. Taste wise, the vegetables was bland while the fried pork meat was full with fats! It costs me RM 3.50 for this plate. I find it slightly pricey though. Perhaps, I was accustomed to the old price of RM 2.80 that comes with 4 dishes of your choice and a plain rice.

The place still looked pretty much the same minus the part where the TAR college kids are getting richer as told by some of the old folks of the stall. Oh, how fast things have changed! Anything it is, Taman Bunga Raya will always have a place in my memory lane.

At the Street of:
Jalan Malinja 2
Taman Bunga Raya
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Kam Lun Tai Restaurant @ Sri Petaling [6th Feb 2010]

Yet another year passed by, it was the time for reunion again. This time round, it involved my colleagues from my previous firm. Since we do not really see other really that often, a call for reunion dinner would be good for some catching up session. We wanted a private room for our reunion but unfortunately, most of the places were already been booked.. After inquiring around, we finally able to get a private room at Kam Lun Tai Restaurant at Sri Petaling.

I was among the first one to reach the restaurant at 7.20pm together with a few of them. Most were still on the way or either have yet to leave the house. Upon reaching, we were brought to the second floor where our private room was located.
Large area span for functions

By 8.30pm, most of the attendee had arrived, minus Tan Sri CK, Nai Shan and Su Ann. Tan Sri CK and Nai Shan arrived 15 minutes later while Su Ann arrived way later, at about 9.15pm because she went for hair dressing.
Our special Menu

We took the RM 698nett Chinese banquet set for the dinner which include 9 dishes, 2 bottles of soft drinks, Chinese Tea and a complimentary Red Wine.
Peanut as Appetizer

Obviously, we added a set of Yee Sang for each table. The Yee Sang was priced at RM 55++ for a set.
Salmon Yee Sang
The Salmon slices were thick, in fact one of the thickest I'd experienced throughout my Yee Sang experience during the CNY.

It was very loud and noisy during the tossing session, with voices coming from everyone particularly Jason, yelling, shouting, chanting the auspicious statements in hope for a better Tiger year ahead.
Tossed Yee Sang

Complimentary Red Wine
Have no idea of what Red Wine is this. Surprisingly, it tasted decent as it was not too dry and spicy.

First dish of the night, here comes the Four Seasons of Happiness.
Four Seasons of Happiness
Consisted of Taupok stuffed with fish paste, Scrambled Egg with Shark Fins, Cold Seasoned Baby Octopus and a Fuchok Wrapped Mixed Vegetarians with Mushrooms.

The Four dishes
I expected a better combination for this appetizer. The Fuchok Wrapped Mixed Vegetarians and the Scrambled Eggs were easy to prepare dishes. It would be better if they slip in some meat or uncommon dishes. Overall, the combination was just alright, nothing really wow in particular.

Shark Fin's Soup
What a shame that they include the artificial crab stick and slices of mushroom into their supposedly claimed premium dish. I suppose it were intended to provide extra bites, but that spoils the taste of the soup!

Steamed Chicken with Soy Sauce
The chicken meant were soft, tender and juicy. They were nicely seasoned and were great on their own. There were condiments of chili sauce and minced garlic for extra taste.

Sweet and Sour Fried Grouper
The Grouper was nicely fried, maintaining the meat softness and sweetness. It was huge and full with meat. Gravy wise, it was decent.

Butter Prawn with Glass Noodles
It tasted bland and lacks the kick factor. Making things worse, the prawns were not really fresh.

Sauteed Mushroom with Gluten
Decent dish with generous servings of mushrooms and gluten.

Hong Kong Glutinous Rice
The rice were perfectly steamed, resulting to a smooth and sticky texture. It was well seasoned too with generous preserved meats such like "Lap Yuk", "Lap Cheong" and chicken.

And the desserts for the night,
Mini Mochis
I did not get to taste them because they were stuffed with lotus paste. They looked good though=(

Honey Sea Cocunut with Longan
The next time you are looking for cold refreshing dessert with thirst quencher effect, then this is the answer!

Generous portion of Longans

The dinner overall was satisfactory. But the main purpose for most, it was not the eating but for catching up. And here, there were some shots of the attendee for the night.

My ex seniors, managers and juniors

We loved to sing and look at Tan Sri Ck

Cheers for a great year ahead!

Successfully graduated=)

With the incumbent ladies of MM

Some random shots

Ambassador and CFO on duty

Back to the old school

Into some disagreement

The serious us

But obviously,
We are not so serious after all!=)

What a great night it was with great companies and a great catch up! Although the food was not that memorable, but the catching up was indeed memorable. Hopefully, come next year all of us will still keep in touch with each other and another reunion dinner for Tiger year would very much be welcome. Cheers people and see you guys around! =)

Atmosphere: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (non-halal)
Price: 5/10

Verdict: The portion were rather big. However, there were more misses than hits. Other than the Glutinous Rice, the whole dinner was rather forgettable.

Kam Lun Tai Sri Petaling
38D-G, 38D-1, 38C-1
Jalan Radin Anum
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-9059 5122

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh @ Old Klang Road

Right after the chilling session, we headed to Old Klang Road for supper. Man, by this time the clock was already showing 2am. The fact is that we should not eat anything by this time knowing that it was too late for any food. However, our taste bud and cravings got the upper hand.

Been hearing Hock Beng mentioning about this stall weeks ago and supposedly they were famous for their Steamed Fish and Bak Kut Teh.
The road signboard was the famous landmark for this stall

The stall was located just by the busy road of the Old Klang Road. You could see a long stretch of an erected hut canopy from the road side.

Even though it was at 2am, the place was still fairly crowded. This really proves that Malaysians just love food.
While at 2am

We ordered a Sicap Steamed medium size fish head. After 25 minutes, the fish was being served on the table.
Black Bean Sauce Steamed Sung Fish Head (RM 24)
This style of steaming was called the Sicap style in Cantonese. The gravy was heavily flavoured with black bean sauce and drizzled heavily with chili padis and garlics. I find the sauce was too salty and it lacks the sweetness. Making things worse, the fish smelled kinda fishy and with some hint of "muddy" taste.
Was it because of the Kilkenny or maybe the fish was not that fresh? Honestly, I don't really enjoy eating it. I kept on eating it to check whether do I have a problem with my taste bud on that night. But in the end, I suppose it was the fish.

Bak Kut Teh (RM 8 per pax)
Their soup was very clear and not thick. It is not the same version as those being served in Klang area. The soup was mildly flavoured but the hint of the Bak Kut Teh herbs was still there. Those that dislikes thick BKT soup will definitely love this version. However, the servings portion for 2 pax were rather small.

We paid RM 47 for the dishes above that includes 4 bowl of rice and Chinese tea. The fish was just very average but the Bak Kut Teh really stands out. However, I do felt very thirsty and keep on gulping water after the meal. Since I'm a person that am very sensitive to heavy usage of MSG and would result in extreme thirstiness, I suppose they used a lot of MSG in their dishes!

Steamed Fish: 5/10 (non-halal)
Bak Kut Teh: 7/10 (non-halal)

Atmosphere: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: The fish was forgettable but the Bak Kut Teh was really memorable!

Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh
Batu 4 1/2, Old Klang Road
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 013-228 2288 / 016-234 1319

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