Monday, August 23, 2010

Fried Oyster Midtown Cafe @ Lorong Selamat, Penang

If you happened to be in Georgetown and are looking for food at the odd hours during the afternoon, be sure to visit Midtown Cafe located in Lorong Selamat. Don't worry about missing out your favourite Penang delicacy because they have plenty to offer here.
Midtown Cafe, Lorong Selamat

One my favourite food here is the fried oyster. Fried oyster is another Penang favourite food that are prepared by frying the scrambled egg together some tapioca flour before being topped off with some fresh oysters.
Fried Oyster Midtown Cafe

It was my second time visiting the stall on my previous trip to Penang. My first experience dated back in last year December and I'm hoping that the fried oyster would still taste as good.
Fried Oyster (RM 8)
It was aromatic and still tasted as good on my first visit. The wok hei was there and it was well flavoured too with some hint of spiciness. I'd particularly like the part where the scrambled eggs did not consist too much of tapioca flour, hence not so starchy.

Big and juicy oysters
They came in generous portion and trust me, you can actually taste the presence of those oysters unlike those typical fried oysters found in Klang Valley region.

Not having a bowl of asam laksa yet for that day, I'd ordered a bowl of it from the Midtown Cafe stall.
Asam Laksa Midtown Cafe

I was told that I needed to wait a while for my asam laksa to be ready before they proceeded with my order. I nodded yes and at that point of time, I was hopeful that the asam laksa should be good since the waiting time is longer than usual. And after 15 minutes of wait, my asam laksa was served to me.
Asam Laksa (RM 5)
It does look good with thick minced fish meat spotted on the broth. Not only that, it came with a large piece of fish meat and reasonable vegetables accompaniment.

Not my bowl of Asam Laksa
Whilst the broth scented like a decent bowl of asam laksa, it however tasted way too sweet. It makes me wondered did they poured in some sugar water. I gave up on the broth half way through and when I did that, it means that asam laksa was no good!

Not enough with prawn noodle, my Dad ordered another bowl from the opposite roadside stall.
Prawn Noodle (RM 3), the opposite roadside stall
It was lacking in flavour. Definitely not a bowl of prawn noodle that should carry the tag line of Penang Hokkien Mee.

They are many other food being offered here. However, with the exception of fried oyster, this is not the place that you should really go for your Penang favourite food unless you happened to be very hungry. There are better places that offered better Penang favourite food.

Fried Oyster: 7/10

Asam Laksa: 4.5/10
Prawn Noodle: 4.5/10

Atmosphere: 5/10

Price: 5.5/10
Verdict: The fried oyster was pretty good but the asam laksa and prawn noodle were forgettable!

Midtown Cafe
Lorong Selamat
off Jalan Mcalister

Business hours: 11am - 7pm daily

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