Friday, August 6, 2010

Swensen's Cafe Banana Split @ Subang Parade [9th May 2010]

After the curry fish head dinner, we continued the night of catching up in Swensen's Cafe, located in Subang Parade. It was my suggestion though because all long I'd wanted to try out their desserts.

Swensens are well known for their desserts and ice creams. Not only that, they served western food as well which looked pretty good on the menu.
Swensens Cafe and Restaurant

It was my first visit here and I was surprised with the amount of crowd. I supposed it was due to the Mother's Day celebration.
Very crowded during the Mother's Day

There were more than just desserts on the menu. I would like to try out some of their food, but with all of us still feeling very full from the dinner, we just ordered a banana split dessert.
Swensens' Banana Split (RM 18.90)
Their all time best seller, this dessert consisted of 3 different flavours of ice cream being served with fresh banana slices and pineapples before being topped off with whipped cream. The setting up of the dessert looked pretty but taste wise, it was pretty average. Perhaps, I'd tasted better ice cream and expected the ice cream to be more flavourful.

With Nai Shan and Mei Mei

I might be a little disappointed with the desserts but it was a great catching up session with these two future mother. Till we meet up again for the next catch up session and do continue the pursue of being a good mother in the future!

Swensen's Banana Split: 5/10

Atmosphere: 5.5/10

Price: 5/10
Verdict: Another average banana split that lacked the "kick" in the ice cream.

Swensen's Cafe Subang Parade
G30, Subang Parade
No 5, Jln SS 16/1
Subang Jaya,

Tel: 03 - 5638 3036

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