Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pasar Ramadhan Bazaar Masjid al-Husna @ Bandar Sunway, PJ

Another year passed by and it's the Ramadhan month again for Muslims. Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslims readers in this holy Ramadhan month! Throughout this holy Ramadhan month, the participating Muslims will refrain from drinking and eating from dawn until sunset.

Not only that, there are also many places being setup for stalls which offer foods and drinks for breaking fast time. It's a joy and I'd always enjoyed visiting Ramadhan bazaar. Every year, I will not missed out visiting the Ramadhan bazaar at Masjid al-Husna located at Bandar Sunway because it is the nearest bazaar to my house.
Ramadhan Bazaar at Masjid al-Husna

First thing to check out, which stall that offers good nasi lemak or nasi ayam berempah. There were a few of them selling the same thing so I'd always see the crowd. The more packed the stall is, the better food they sells and hence, Balqis Corner is my choice for nasi lemak ayam.
Nasi Lemak Balqis Corner

All prepacked and ready to go

I liked the part where they separated the sambal gravy from the rice and my nasi lemak won't look so messy anymore when I'm eating it at home.
Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM 4)
Pretty good with a fried chicken that was well seasoned. The sambal gravy were alright as well, not too sweet but were slightly oily.

If fried chicken is not your cup of tea, you can always opt for the grilled chicken wing.
Ayam Madu Bah

Besides chicken wings, there were other parts of the chickens such like the backside that are being grilled as well.
I'd ordered a piece of chicken wing (RM 1.50 each)
Decently marinated and grilled. It tasted alright but I disliked the part where it tasted so sweet. Perhaps that what you get for ayam madu which literally means honey chicken.

Another delicacy that I would not missed out on a Ramadhan bazaar is the kueh-mueh. The best part about it is that most of them were homemade and each stall offers different type of shape and taste.
The kueh mueh stall

Just pick your favourite assortment, and trust me, with homemade, they can never really go wrong. Definitely suits those that has a sweet tooth.
Onde-onde is always my favourite amongst the varieties (RM 2 for 5 varieties)

The pastry stall (RM 2 for 5 varieties)

Curry Puff
Pretty decent curry puff with a fluffy texture and mushy fillings. I liked how they shaped out their curry puff with some extra carving on it.

Next, my attention was caught by a stall selling some triangular shaped delicacy. Being curious, I went closer for a look.
Mega Mekar Sata and Otak-Otak stall

The triangular shaped delicacy were being wrapped in leaves before being grilled. I was informed that this delicacy is called sata and it came from Terengganu.
Sata (RM 1.80 per stick of three, RM 5 for three sticks)
The fillings were of the same like otak-otak but with the content of cocunut milk.

Fillings of Sata
A little fishy smell with a great hint of cocunut milk. Texture were kinda soft and it tasted sweet. Not something that appeals to me.

Otak-otak (RM 0.60 each)
This one suits me better.

Keep walking and you could see other varieties of food like Roti John, keropok lekor and some other fried food.
Fried assortments such as nuggets, fish balls and many more.

One of the many drinks stalls (RM 1 per pack)
Cocunut water is always my preferred choice.

Every year without fail, there is this stall that always pulled the crowd. You can never fail to spot this stall since it is located right at the front entrance of the Ramadhan Bazaar and always seen packed.
The long queue

It is the stall that selling murtabak. For years since I started buying murtabak from them, they had never raise their price which is at RM 2.50 each.
The murtabak stall

Queue time is expected to be at least 5 minutes if you are lucky.
Busy hand that never stop working

Chicken Murtabak (RM 2.50 each)
Pretty good murtabak with a great aroma and came with a generous fillings. At the price of their offerings, you could not have asked for more.

Nasi Lemak Balqis Corner: 6/10
Ayam Madu Bah: 5/10
Kueh Mueh Stall: 6.5/10
Pastry Stall: 6.5/10
Sata Mega Mekar: 3/10
Chicken Murtabak: 6/10

Overall varieties: 6.5/10

Price: 6/10
Verdict: Nasi Lemak Balqis Corner, Nasi Ayam Berempah, Kueh Mueh Stall, Pastry Stall and Chicken Murtabak are those stalls that you should not missed out if you happen to be there.

Pasar Ramadhan Masjid al-Husna Bandar Sunway

(directly opposite Sunway Pyramid beside NPE highway)
Jalan PJS 10/22
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  1. All the foods look SO good! Nasi lemak, murtabak, kuih, otak otak are all my fav!! :p Btw, honey chicken is supposed to be sweet! That's the whole point of it hahah. I never heard of Sata before though..If I were there, I'm going to spend the whole time eating. I'm such a glutton! Lols!

    YUMMY post! Me likeyyy! :D

  2. Haha, maybe we shud hunt for malay food next time=p. The honey chicken is way too sweet though. Sata is really forgettable, don't think you will like it either. Lols, eating is a joy, so no worries about being a glutton..haha!


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