Friday, October 15, 2010

Bharat Cameron Valley Tea Plantation @ Ringlet, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Boh's Plantation may be more well known among the people. Only the locals and a handful of people know about the Bharat Cameron Valley Teas.

If you take the old winding road to Cameron Highlands via Tapah, you will notice that there is a huge tea plantation on your left side along the main road. At this time you know that you are reaching Cameron Higlands but not all know that the tea plantation is actually the Bharat Cameron Valley tea plantion.
Bharat Cameroon Valley Tea Plantation

Bharat also operates a tea house in the name of Cameron Valley Tea House which offers Cameron Valley teas to those who are seeking some refreshments after a winding journey up or before heading down.
Bharat Cameron Valley Tea House

This Cameron Valley Tea House is a popular stopover for tourist due to the excellent view of the Bharat Tea Plantation. Not only that, it is way easier to access here as it is just located at the trunk main road of Cameron Highlands as oppose to the narrow bending road heading to Boh Sungei Palas Tea House.
Popular spot for a stopover

Panoramic view of Bharat Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

You will tend to forget about the hustle and bustle of a city life thanks to the soothing view of the green sea tea plantation and the smell of the fresh air.
Green sea of tea plantation

After you had enough of admiration at the tea plantation, maybe it is just time to grab some tea at the counter. It's a self service though, and you have to carry your own tea back to your table.

Self service counter

Can you finish a cup of tea at this size?

I would love to have a English breakfast style by having some scones. However, I had to hold back after getting to know the price of a scone set.
Cameron Valley Tea House Scones
Man, you kid me not? RM 12 for a set, this is definitely a daylight robbery!

Disappointed at the price of the scones, we ordered something else.
Chocolate Cream Cake (RM 8 per slice)
A pretty small slice of a chocolate cake that is topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Fortunately, it was a quality chocolate cake that comes with a thick infusion of chocolate.

Strawberry Cheese Cake (RM 6.50 per slice)
Just a very ordinary cheese cake with a coating of strawberry jam. Nothing to shout about.

Cameron Valley Black Tea (RM 4 per mug)
It was thick, rich and full with the fragrant of black tea. Try sipping it without sugar to enjoy the real kick of black tea.

Do continue to pamper your eyes by viewing the spectacular soothing sight of the Bharat Cameron Valley tea plantation.
The calmness of the valley of tea

When the cloud shed the sunlight

From the verandah of the tea house, you can notice that the tea plantation is accessible to the public.
Accessible to the public

Most of the people will get themselves closer to the tea plantation after their tea break. Perhaps, it's a good idea to follow suit to capture some pictures as memory.
Steps heading down to the tea valley

The staircase will only lead you to the front valley of the tea. You can pick a less crowded spot for some shots of pictures. However, do exercise caution as certain stretches of the valley terrain can be very steep and slippery.
More and more tea

Let's pluck some tea leaves

Drown in the sea of tea

Old time buddy at Bharat Tea Plantation

This Bharat Tea Plantation offers an alternative option for those who dislikes driving on the narrow road to Boh Sungei Palas Tea Plantation. You will understand and feel the term of holiday better when you sip on a cup of teh tarik here while enjoying the breathtaking view of tea plantation. Just awesome!

Do make sure you grab some Bharat Cameron Valley tea products be it for yourself or as a gift because up til now, it can only be purchased in Cameron Highlands, making it more exclusive than of the Boh tea products.

Atmosphere: 7/10
Tea: 7/10
Food: 5.5/10
Price: 5/10
Verdict: You will not want to miss out their teh tarik if you are a fan of one.

Bharat Cameron Valley Tea House
Along the Main Road between Ringlet and Tanah Rata
Ringlet, Cameron Highlands

Tel: 605 - 491 1133


  1. kenjunz you'll be happy to know that Cameron Valley Tea opened its flagship store in Bangsar, KL - it has a casual dining concept but has the entire range of teas and new dishes. The famous tea and scones are served here too - but good news - you can get a pot of tea and scones, cream and home-made jam as a set for only RM10 on mondays! that's great value considering this combination is usually twice the price. Check it out when in KL - their FB page is Cameron Valley. There are good deals to be found there - i just became a fan recently!

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