Monday, October 11, 2010

Charcoal Steamboat Restoran Silverstar @ Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

When you are feeling cold, you will eventually think of having something steaming hot. With Cameron Highlands weather potentially reaching below 20 degrees Celsius when the sun sets, steamboat is one of the favourite food here amongst the locals and tourists.

Preparing all the ingredients can be troublesome if you plan to have your homemade steamboat at your rented apartment in Cameron Highlands. However, no worries as they have abundant of steamboat restaurants in Brinchang town. On our previous trip, Silverstar Restaurant was our choice for some hot charcoal steamboat.
Silverstar Restaurant Charcoal Steamboat

While the ingredients are pretty standard for a steamboat, one thing special about having steamboat in Cameron Highlands are the freshness of the vegetables.
Variety of fresh vegetables

You will also notice that steamboat pot comes with a vertically long "chimney" which I believed the purpose is for venting the smoke from the fired charcoal beneath the pot. Call me outdated, but it was my first time seeing such long a "chimney" attached to a pot!
"Chimney steamboat"

Each pax are priced at RM 15 each with a mixture of raw ingredients that include noodles and fresh vegetables. As for the raw ingredients, there were sotong balls, Japanese tofu, fish balls, fuu chuk, chicken meat, fresh water prawn and cuttlefish.
Mixture of raw ingredients

As for the vegetables, abalone mushrooms, siew pak choy, wong dei miu, lettuce and enoki mushrooms were served. The vegetables choice is at the discretion of the shop and is very much dependent on their availability.
Fresh vegetables and mushrooms

The default soup here is chicken soup,
no tomyam or other fancy soup base. The best thing about steamboat is that you just dump all the ingredients into the pot of soup and wait for it to boil.
Chicken soup as the default soup

And it's feasting time, when the soup started to boil.
Cameron Highlands Charcoal Steamboat

We paid a total of RM 120 after some discounts for the 8 pax of mix ingredients and a pot of Chinese tea. The price is considered reasonable for the portion of ingredients that we get. While I would agree that most of the steamboat tasted the same, however it is important to note that Cameron Highlands weather brings out the better taste of a steamboat. Oh yes, the vegetables were definitely fresh, juicy and crunchy!

Surely one of the shop you can consider should you want to have some charcoal steamboat in the comfortable weather of Cameron Highlands.

Atmosphere: 4/10
Food: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: Serves pretty good steamboat with fresh ingredients and vegetables that went well with the clear chicken soup.

Restoran Silverstar Charcoal Steamboat
(facing the main road of Cameron Highlands)
Brinchang Town
Cameron Highlands

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