Friday, October 1, 2010

Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre @ Cameron Higlands, Pahang

Boh Plantations is the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia, boasting some of the largest tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands with plantations in Habu, Fairlie Tea Garden and Sungai Palas.

Amongst all the plantations in Cameron Highlands, Boh Tea Centre in Sungai Palas is the plantation most visited by the tourists. This is simply because not only it does offers the tourist a chance to visit the tea factory, but it has a cafe where tourists can enjoy a cup of tea with a panoramic view of the lush green tea plantation.
Boh Tea Centre Sungai Palas, Cameron Highlands

Panoramic view of the tea centre

This tea centre can be very packed especially during the weekends and holidays. At times you got to be a little patient to get a table and your cup of tea.
Crowded during the holidays

Cakes and tarts

Tea time in an English way

The best spot to enjoy the tea would be at the verandah of the tea centre, overseeing the lush green tea plantation. It's really down to the luck though on how quick you can get a table here.
At the verandah

We definitely enjoy sipping some of the Boh Tea here.
Cameronian Gold Blend Full Set (RM 4 per person)

Cameronian Gold Blend
Although I'm not really into tea, but this tea definitely has the uummph with a very thick and a strong taste of a black tea.

If you are fan of flavoured teas, do check out their Seri Songket flavoured teas series.
Lychee with Rose Tea (RM 3 per teabag)
I tasted more rose fragrant than the lychee fragrant. Nonetheless, the flavour blends well and tasted even better with a pinch of sugar.

Passion Fruit Tea (RM 3 per teabag)
Not my cup of tea. I'm still not very passionate about the taste of passion fruit.

Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Infusion (RM 3 per teabag)
It was a sweet scent and it tasted sexy. Those dislike strawberries might find them scented a little like antibiotic syrup though.

Strawberry Cake (RM 6 per slice)
At it's price, I could definitely get better cakes elsewhere.

Chocolate Chips (RM 4.50 per bag of 4 slices)
I had hard time tasting any chocolate chips in the cookies. Given a choice, I will definitely choose Chipsmore anytime.

Keith was too into the tea

Please take note

Here are some of the panoramic view offered at the verandah tea centre.
An eye soothing view

Can you spot the dried up slot?

The blanket of tea

It's sunny!

After some tea, you can opt to pay a visit to their walkway leading to the tea factory.
Some information boards will greet you along

We need some shed

On my way to the factory, I bumped to some flowers which caught my attention.
Red wild flower

Yellow wild flower

Fact Sheet, 820k cups of tea per day!

The entrance to the tea factory

At here, you can witness some of the process going on to produce a teabag.
Processing the tea leaves

View of the unique walkway from outside

The verandah need my support!

When Chee is busy taking pictures

Says what?

The crew for our Cameron Highlands 2010

I still enjoy sipping some tea at this place very much though I've already been a few times. The tea was good, but as for me, the best was still the breathtaking view of the lush green tea plantation. Definitely not a place to miss out should you be in Cameron Highlands!

Atmosphere: 7/10
Tea: 7/10
Food: 4.5/10
Price: 5/10
Verdict: The tea somewhat tasted nicer thanks to the ambiance of the place. Food however are rather forgettable.

Sungei Palas Tea Centre
Jalan Gunung Brinchang
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Tel: 605 - 496 2096
Business hours: 9am - 4.30pm daily. Closes on Monday.


  1. I've been to that place once and luckily it wasn't during the holidays. We managed to get the table at the verandah since it wasn't that crowded. It's definitely very relaxing to be sipping some tea while enjoying the nice view.

  2. That's why I always believe it is good to visit a place during the off chart of holidays. And yes, the ambiance brings out the better flavour of the tea. Awesome huh=)


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