Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Restoran Fong Lum @ Brinchang Town, Cameron Highlands

When you are at Brinchang town, you will notice that most of the shops here are occupied by restaurant. Too many choices pose a problem too, because it would mean that we need to choose, hoping that the place is right for us to have our meal.

No prior experience nor any recommendation, but we chose Restoran Fong Lum as our place to have our late lunch.
Restoran Fong Lum, Brinchang

It was a quarter after three by the time we were seated. There were just a few table occupied, hence our food should be serve faster to heal our hungry stomach.
Layout of the restaurant

Chinese tea

Don't be deceived by the weather of Cameron Highlands as the sunlight there can be very unforgiving. After soaking under the immense heat of the sunlight especially at Sungei Palas, it's good to chill with some beers.
Chilling with beer

We were persuaded by the attendant to take the steamboat but we ended up ordering fried noodles and some ala carte dishes as we thought that steamboat in the noon time is a little awkward.
Fried Rice (RM 20 for large)
I have no idea on which style it was fried but all I can say is that it tasted bland and wok hei was missing! It lacks the accompaniment ingredients such as meat, prawn and anchovies as well.

Braised Yee Mee (RM 20 for large)
Whilst the taste fare better than the fried rice, it however tasted too pepperish. Should be labeled as pepper yee mee instead.

Fried Hokkien Style (RM 20 for large)
This would be the most decent fried noodles amongst the mentioned one. Texture of the noodle were just nice, neither too soggy or hard and the presence of wok hei can be tasted. Could taste better should it consist more pork lard.

Hot Plate Bean Curd (RM 22 for large)
Served on a sizzling plate, it was prepared by using Japanese tofu and other condiments such as meat, prawn and vegetables. The taste could kill me because it was freaking salty! Man, it was torturous to my taste bud.

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables (RM 18 for large)
Labeled as Four Heavenly Vegetables, it consisted of 4 different type of vegetables being stir fried together with sambal belacan. Vegetables used here were eggplant, lady fingers, Cameron asparagus and French beans. They prepared this decently and needless to say more. this was my favourite dish amongst the dishes for the lunch.

The total bill for the lunch came to RM 111 inclusive of the tea but not the beer. I thought it was on the expensive side considering the type of food that we had for lunch. Maybe I could have felt better should the food tasted better, but I am not so going to revisit this place unless all the restaurants in Brinchang close down.

Atmosphere: 6/10
Food: 4.5/10
Price: 4/10
Verdict: More misses than hits and the price do no justice to the very average food that we had.

Restoran Fong Lum
Brinchang Town
Cameron Highlands

Business hours: Opens for lunch to dinner


  1. Will keep in mind to stay away from this restaurant the next time I visit Cameron!

  2. Yea, make sure u try to avoid this restaurant, not worth it seriously!

  3. Yes, I tried their steamboat, and was such a disappointed...


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