Friday, July 16, 2010

Cleopatra Inauguration Party @ The Opera Club, Sunway Pyramid [20th May 2010]

A new club it is, The Opera Club located in Sunway Pyramid has been introducing and marketing many themed nights. One of it was the Cleopatra Night inauguration party which was recently held .

Cleopatra Night is a new themed night of The Opera that will be held on every Thursday night catered especially to those college students.

The privileges on a Cleopatra Night

Whilst I've been toning down a lot on the clubbing activities, sometimes it is just hard to resist the temptation of invitation to a free flow session. What's more when you are free and have the companion of Hock Beng and Michael. So, let's go!
The workers on the themed dress

Fancy their costume?

We were greeted by free flows of cocktails and beer. It was easy to get glasses of cocktails with the waiter serving around. However, you might need to queue a little to get your free glass of beer. Kudos to the management team because the queue were organized and every one was seen happy with their free share.
Free flow of cocktails and beer

The first show of the night were the Cleopatra dance I supposed, with a woman clad in a modified version of sari dancing with another woman in their in-house Cleopatra designed costume.
Cleopatra dance?

Where the pink meet white

To the beat of Cleopatra

Crowd getting larger as the time passed by

Went for another round of beer while waiting for Hock Beng and another show performance.
My initial !=)

By 9.30pm another performance was up. Named the Fire Dance, it was actually quite a fiery one. You can actually feel the heat from the flaming sticks.
Fire Dance

The dance was alright but the quality of a performer was a let down. I believed one of the performer was actually a transsexual, a not so fully transformed yet!
The closing dance

Only the 3 of us for the night

Interested with the Cleopatra Theme and privileges? Just remember that it is held on every Thursday night from 8pm onwards to late, only at The Opera, Sunway Pyramid!

The Opera Club
Lot No. O.B.G(MS) & O.B.F (MS)
Oasia Boulevard , Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No 3, Jln PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 5635 7272
Fax: 03 - 5635 7273

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