Saturday, July 3, 2010

Duke Bar & Restaurant @ TTDI Plaza, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Looking for a place to unwind or to release your stress? Some clubs and pubs are good, but sometimes they get too crowded that it increases your stress level instead. It's difficult to think of one, isn't it?

Duke Bar & Restaurant which is located in TTDI plaza, offers a new dimension for you to unwind whilst maintaining the happening attributes of a good pub and bar.
Duke Bar & Restaurant

I was introduced to this bar by my friend. It did not took me long to fall in love with the place. Ever since, this is the place where we chill out especially during the World Cup month.
Very homey ambiance

Instead of the typical yellowish and dark lighting offered by most of the bars or pubs, the bar is lighted up by LED. Every once in a while, the bar will be illuminated in different colours, thanks to the implementation of the LED technology. It was as though you were watching the light traveling around the bar. The sightings were pretty addictive though!
Rainbow lighting is a pleasure to the eyes

The drinks being offered here ranges from draft beer to hard liquor. For those who are a little adventurous, you can actually opt for their cocktails. Remember to ask for assistance from their ever friendly bar tender or hostess should you need any recommendation.
Ever friendly bar tender

You will be surprise with the very reasonable price of the drinks. Do check out their on going promotions at their home page.
3 pints of Kilkenny/Guinness @ RM 50

If you are not a fan of beer, need not to worry because they do offer hard liquor as well. A glass a bottle, it is totally up to you.
Vodka with orange juice

You need some game to spice up the session? Be sure to ask for their dicey game. Best to play with some alcoholic drinks as punishment.
Dicey Game

EPL is just around the corner and many of you will not want to miss the live actions of it. Worry no more, because they show live football matches in High Definition. Don't miss the chance of watch Fernando Torres that seems to have more freckles than ever.
Live football matches in High Definition

These are the moments on my previous visits with my buddies.
Michael says 2 is better than 1!

When Hock Beng said 1 is enough

And me with my buddies

Come and explore further!

I was not paid nor compensated for writing this post. But this bar definitely deserved some credits for the euphoric atmosphere. Oh, remember to try their food as well and you will surely agree with me that this bar is worth a revisit!

Atmosphere: 9/10
Price: 7/10
Verdict: A whole new dimension of unwinding experience.

Duke Bar & Restaurant
B-1-3, TTDI Plaza
Jalan Wan Kadir 3
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000
Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 12pm -3pm (lunch) ; 6pm -11pm (dinner) 11pm onwards (club) Closed on Sundays


  1. Nice place! The lightings are pretty :D

  2. ya, definitely. you will like it alot=D


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