Monday, July 19, 2010

Roti Canai Restoran Jaring @ Sunway Mentari Business Park, PJ

How often you craved for roti canai but often being let down in the end of the day. Roti canai is a type of flatbread being sold widely in Malaysia especially at mamak stalls. However, it is really hard finding a stall selling decent roti canai, what's more for those that is really tasty one.

There is this one Malay stall, called Restoran Jaring which is located in Sunway Mentari that sells pretty good roti canai. This stall has been in the existence since my secondary days , and easily could have reach the double digit of anniversary.
Restoran Jaring

Popular with the crowds even early in the morning

When I mentioned good roti canai, it would mean that the roti canai should be freshly made from the dough instead of being readily available. And that's the case for Restoran Jaring as at times, you might need to wait a while for your slice of roti canai.
Roti Canai (RM 1 per piece)
It was hot, crispy on the outside and can be easily chewed off. Full with aromatic fragrant of good roti canai!

Good roti canai must be accompanied by good dip sauce. Restoran Jaring understands this, and their dip sauces are simply top class! My favourite dip sauce from them would be dhal curry and chicken curry.
Dhal curry
Instead of the typical watery base dhal, the dhal served here was thick and mushy. It was perfectly seasoned too, offering a very rich taste to go with your roti canai.

If you want your roti canai to be more spicy, you can get some extra condiments of sambal belacan or even cili padi.
Pick your extra condiments

Besides roti canai, there are other offerings too such as fried noodles, fried rice and nasi lemak for the breakfast time.
Nasi Lemak

Usually by 9am daily, the stall will start preparing for the lunch time. You could see the workers busy carrying the tray of cooked dishes from the kitchen and displaying them at the station.
Fresh from the kitchen

As for the assorted dish, it will eaten with an accompanying white or flavoured rice which is known as nasi campur. Restoran Jaring prepares them well with many excellent dishes and definitely deserved some mentioning. I will definitely include them in my blog in the near future.
Assorted dish for your picking

You will not look further for better roti canai after you have tasted them from Restoran Jaring. That's the case for me but if you have better alternative, I'd appreciate if you could share them with me! =)

Atmosphere: 5/10
Roti Canai: 7.5/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: The roti canai sold out very fast! Be earlier than 9am to avoid disappointment.

Restaurant Jaring
48, Jalan PJS 8/2
Mentari Business Park
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 - 5636 6366 / 6017 - 292 1225
(Nik Roslan)
Business hours: 7am- 5pm daily
Closes on Sunday

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