Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nyonya Colors @ One Utama Old Wing

There was this little kiosk named Nyonya Colors which serves Nyonya food and other local delicacies. Situated at the old wing of One Utama, this kiosk has been here for quite some time and each time I passed by it, I could see a sizeable crowd enjoying their food here.

It was on the Labour Day where we (Michael, Iris, Benny and I) just finished watching Ip Man 2 at GSC Cinemas One Utama. Then as we walked around, we passed by Nyonya Colors and just as sudden, Iris suggested to have a little refreshment here.
Nyonya Colors

Dining by the walkway

As this would be my first visit here, I was clueless on their signature food. Hence, simple job was to ask Iris to recommend and take care of the orders. And the food that she ordered were
Cucur Udang (RM 2 per stick)
A local delicacy where flavoured flour were fried together with some vegetables and shrimps. The cucur udang served here were just alright and I could get better from the roadside stall anytime. It could have been better should it served hot fried from the wok.

Onde-onde (RM 1.90 per box)
Another local delicacy that is made from rice flour and filled with sweetened coconut pulp within. Come in a box of six, the onde-onde served here was full with pandan fragrant that blends so well with the coconut fragrant.

Yellow Laksa (RM 8.90)
A type of Nyonya laksa base that is prepare with the heavy aroma of turmeric (kunyit). I reckoned the soup tasted very flat apart from the heavy aroma of turmeric. I'd still prefer the typical curry laksa over this.

Penang Asam Laksa (RM 8.90)
Obviously still asam laksa from Penang tasted better, but at least this asam laksa tasted better than a lot of other self pro-claimed Penang Asam Laksa. The soup although was not as thick, it however consisted adequate spices of asam laksa, making it a real decent one.

Nasi Lemak Pandan Special (RM 8.90)
The rendang chicken was a real let down as it was lacking in flavour. At least the sambal served tasted decent. However, I must admit that the pandan coconut flavoured rice was so fragrant and deserved some mentioning!

3 Musketeers on Ip Man 2 @ 1 Utama, Labour Day 2010

Overall, I find the food served here was only so so and nothing really to shout about. It's not a stall that I will particularly visit for the food unless to accompany my friends.

Atmosphere: 5/10
Food: 5/10
Price: 4.5/10
Verdict: I find the price slightly pricey for the very average food that they served.

Nyonya Colors 1 Utama
F65, First Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  1. Looking at your nasi lemak pic makes me realise how much I miss rice! :( I miss fried food also! Eh, the Pg asam laksa looks pretty good.

  2. haha, well u can always opt to do so and put ur plan aside=p..Ya, the asam laksa looks good, but still I prefer Penang one, anytime=D


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