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Jogoya Japanese Restaurant Revisited with Family @ Starhill Gallery, KL [6th Apr 2010]

I had just visited Jogoya Buffet Restaurant just a week ago. When I mentioned to my Aunt about the existence of it, she got excited and asked me to check out the current promotion then. Then I found out that the UOB credit card holders were still entitled to a 50% off per pax on the same receipt.

Without hesitating, my Aunt got everyone to agree on the buffet supper. How much excitement could I get since I had just visited the place 6 days ago to celebrate Michael's birthday? It's not the food that I'm looking forward on this time, but more to the bonding between the family members.
Revisited Jogoya Buffet Restaurant

The initial UOB promotion that ends on 31st March 2010, got an extension to 31st May 2010, offering the same 50% off each pax on the single receipt paid by UOB credit card.
UOB Dining Privileges

Mum and my Aunt

The buffet supper session was not as packed as my previous visit. Indeed, we were amongst the first to be seated. This time round, we were seated just right beside the Sushi and Sashimi corner.
Seated just beside the Japanese corner

I started the session with sashimi from the Japanese corner and I would say I'm very disappointed with it. The sashimi had the fishy smell and tasted a little tangy and we could only conclude that it was not fresh!

Below are some of the dishes that we had for the session.
Baked cheese meat
Over baked and the cheese were not cheesy. I just had a bite and that's all.

Stir-fried scallop
Some part of the scallop were still cold. It does make me wonder, am I taking sashimi?

Stir-Fried Salmon
Thankfully this was decent.

Teppanyaki Chicken
I love pepperish food but too much pepper kill the teppanyaki taste. They should rename this to Pepperish Chicken instead.

On my previous visit, I missed out the Japanese Steamboat or the Shabu Shabu corner. Let see what do they offered from this corner.
Shabu Shabu Corner

They have seafood, bean curd, mushroom and vegetables. Just pick your choices of ingredients before scooping some of their soup base into the bowl.
Pick and choose your ingredients

Next, you should bring the filled bowl back to your table. Ask for assistance to light up the fire to simmer your bowl of Shabu Shabu. Ready to be enjoyed when the soup seen to start boiling.
Shabu Shabu
My Auntie choice of ingredients. Consisted of Salmon meat, lots of mushrooms, vegetables and tau pok. How does it taste? Nothing really "wow" in particular, an ordinary Shabu Shabu indeed, but just with the salmon.

Next, I tried out their Sukiyaki corner. The Sukiyaki corner consisted of prepared ingredients on a porcelain bowl. Just pick your choice of meat and head back to the table for the cooking.
Lamb Sukiyaki

According to Jogoya, they claimed that they introduced the hot porcelain grill which uses the accumulated heat in the porcelain to continuously simmer the meat. Originated from Taiwan, this method allowed the gravy to infuse into the meat while manitaining the tenderness of the meat.
Hot porcelain grill method

Stir, stir your own Sukiyaki meat!
As for me, I could not really taste the difference. The meat was alright but I find the gravy was way too sweet for my likings.

My little cousin enjoying his meal

Fried Spaghetti Bolognaise
No complain though. It was alright.

I did had some food from the Dim Sum corner as well.
Tasted decent, but slightly over fried.

Fried Raddish Cake
Surprisingly, it tasted good with a decent wok hei. Love the part where all the raddish cake was perfectly coated with the seasoning.

Meat dumpling
Not my type of dumpling though.

Fried Mackerel fish
Decently fried while the juiciness of the fish meat is maintained. Fans of fried fish would love this! Add in some lime juice for some kick of tanginess.

And my pick for the session still got to be the Haagen Daz ice cream and the fragrant coconut drink.
Fragrant coconut drink

Our after supper face

My Uncle and Auntie did commented that the food, especially the Japanese corner were slightly below par as compared to those they had it in China and other part of the world. Both of my parents were satisfied with the variety of food offered, but complained that their tummy were not big enough to fit them all. My little cousin enjoyed the food, till he was too full to give any comment. Eugene meanwhile enjoyed a feasting night after some fasting period.

And as for me, I did not enjoyed it as much as I did on my previous trip, particularly the sashimi.

Atmosphere: 7/10
Food: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: The standard of the food did dropped, especially the sashimi.

Jogoya Japanese Restaurant
T3, Relish Floor
Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 - 2142 1268
Fax: +603 - 2148 8171

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