Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best Pick of Mum's Dish [Feb & Mar 2010]

It's a Sunday afternoon, but it doesn't really feel like a Sunday because the clouds were shedding the sun. I have yet to have my lunch, just feel like lazing in the house. Mum meanwhile has went out with dad, leaving me home alone.

I looked on to some of my unposted pictures and realized that I did snapped some of my mum's cooking. In fact, it has been a while since I last post about my mum's cooking. I suppose this is a good time for me to update the collection of my mum's favourite dish because when you are hungry, you tend to remember the taste of the food better.

Braised Pork with Egg
Pork belly was used together with hard boiled egg, and at times mum will slip in some tau foo. The gravy does has a mild hint of herbs and it is flavoured mainly by good grade soya sauce. Good with plain rice, and I'd always gulp in extra rice when mum prepares this.

I'm not really a person that fancies fish a lot. But since young, mum has always forced me to take more fish and keep telling me that "Eat more fish and you will be smarter". She still does that until now.
Steamed Tilapia Fish in Spicy Sauce
The correct term should be "chiong cheng". It is not as spicy as it suggested. I have never liked tilapia fish due to it's 'muddy' taste. But this is not an ordinary Tilapia fish. In contrast to the typical Tilapia fish, the meat are juicy and succulent, thanks to my Uncle who personally rear them using water from the mountain river.

You may refer it to as fried noodles or fried pasta. But anyway, it make it to my pick of the month.
Mum's Fried Pasta
Mum always put in extra ingredients when it comes to frying noodles. This time round, we had a very generous servings of fish paste fillets (those in golden brown colours). There were slices of mushrooms and pork fillets too.

Resemblance of fried Pan Mee
Think of Pan Mee, but the texture of the noodles is slightly thinner. Seriously I'm running out of words to describe the taste, but can you imagine every mouthful of the noodles is accompanied with the yummylicious fish fillets, mushroom and pork fillets? Hence, it gotta be my pick for the month.

Not a very good idea to blog about my Mum's cooking when I'm hungry. I can hear my stomach drumming loudly now. Alright, I need to go and get some food now


  1. Your mum's fried pasta looks so yummy! Suddenly dun feel like eating my fried rice now. Feel like eating this instead haha.

  2. haha..the fried pasta is indeed good, but duno when will my mum ever cook it again=.=


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