Monday, June 14, 2010

Longan Fruit Tree

Just right before we headed home to KL after the Qing Ming festival, I saw a tree which caught my eyes. It does make me wonder that why some part of the tree was covered with protective net.
Protective net

A closer look through the net showed that it was actually protecting the fruits. The fruits were in green colour and I have no idea on what fruits were that.
What fruits were that?

Being curious, I asked my Dad to inquire the neighbour. Then only we did found out that those green colour fruits were actually unripe Longan fruits. And just like we know, the ripe one will be in golden brownish.
Can you spot the Longan?

The neighbour was nice, treating us a few Longans that have ripen. He told us that the protective net was necessary to shield the fruits from the attack of bugs and insects.
Longan Fruit

Now I know that Longan tree can be planted in our climate too. Maybe I should start planting some at my garden too since I pretty fancy Longan.

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