Thursday, June 10, 2010

Restoran Kwee Hoe @ Lawan Kuda, Gopeng, Perak

Back during the Qing Ming festival, I followed my parents back to Ipoh to pay a visit to my grandparents cemetery. I don't do that last time, in fact it has been more than 5 years since I last followed them back. Perhaps this is the right time where I should start to make it an annual practice.

After driving near to 2 hours, we reached the Gopeng toll exit. My parents have been raving to me about a stall which served fresh and delicious Snakehead fish (Sang Yu). The stall is located in a village called Lawan Kuda, pretty strong name huh? Unfortunately, the stall which my parents always frequent was closed during that time and we drive a little deeper into the village and decided to dine in this stall, Restoran Kwee Hoe.
Restoran Kwee Hoe at Lawan Kuda

At our time of visit, it was almost 8pm. The stall is getting crowded, so I thought I would need to wait a little longer before the food is served. However, much to my surprise, the first dish was served after 15 minutes of order and followed suit by the other dishes.
Stuffed Yam Pork Belly (RM 10)
The pork belly and yam were well infused with their well flavoured gravy. The sweetness level of the taste was perfect for my liking and with a slight hint of herbs, it went so well with the plain rice.

Apparently, it seems that it's a norm for Lawan Kuda village to prepare a Snakehead fish in 2 preparation. The first one will be deboning the fish and stir frying the meat with the flavour of your choice.
Stir fried Kung Po Snakehead fish meat (RM 18)
The wok-hei was superb! The meat was silky smooth and soft. There was no hint of any fishy smell and does it make you wonder, are you eating a fish?

The second preparation involved taking the Snakehead fish bone to prepare a bowl of soup.
Snakehead fish Herbal Soup (RM 8)
Snakehead fish together with red dates, Chinese fungus, and tong kwai, makes a bowl of soup full with natural sweetness and flavour. However, it could have been better should the herb of tong kwai portion been reduced.

Blanched Choy Sum with Oyster sauce (RM 6)
Fresh Choy Sum, no complain at all.

Homemade Tau Foo (RM 7)
The tau foo was drizzled with minced pork gravy. Tasted average but the tau foo was unbelievably smooth.

The total bill came to RM 53.50 inclusive of a pot of Chinese tea and 3 bowls of plain rice. I thought the price was very reasonable taking the fact that Snakehead fish is not some kinda ordinary fish. It was a dinner that I pretty much enjoyed. Waiting time was short and the food was great, what else could I have ask for?

Atmosphere: 5/10
Food: 8/10 (non-halal)
Price: 8/10
Verdict: Do drop by for their Snakehead fish preparation if you happen to be at Gopeng region.

Restoran Kwee Hoe
558, Lawan Kuda Main Road
31600, Gopeng
Tel: 05 - 359 3646
Business hours: 4pm -12am (closed on every fortnight of Wedneday)

Location: Assuming you are traveling on PLUS highway, take the Gopeng toll exit. Then turn right at the junction after the toll. Then turh left the moment you see the signboard leading to Lawan Kuda.Keep heading straight till you see a white constructed signboard of Lawan Kuda. Turn left here and you will reach a stretch of restaurants welcoming you on both side. Travel further down the road and you will find Restoran Kwee Hoe on your left hand side.

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