Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mum's Asam Laksa [Mar 2010]

I guess my Mum is the very reason behind on why I'm so in love with Asam Laksa. When I was still young, Mum prepared Asam Laksa pretty often for us. As I grew older, somehow Mum did not cook it as often.

Just like me, my dad share the same passion for Asam Laksa as well. It has been years since Mum last prepared it for us. Each time when we bugged her to prepare it for us, she will tell us that the preparation is tedious and she will just ignore our question. It was disheartening though, but finally the waits come to an end, where Mum finally found the mood to prepare Asam Laksa for us.
The essential ingredients
So you have thick vermicelli (lai fun) as the noodles. Sliced onions, cucumbers, mint leaves and bunga kantan made up the rest of the garnishing.

According to mum, the soup takes only an hour and half to be ready. It might sound simple, but the tedious part is to prepare other ingredients such as deboning the fish, blending other spices and herbs for the soup.
Preparing the soup requires some effort

Mum's hearty bowl of Asam Laksa
Still as hearty, reminds me so much of the good old days. The broth was thick with fish meat and free of MSG. This always reminds me that the best bowl of Asam Laksa still come from the home. No body understand your flavour better than your Mum does.

The question now is, when only I'd be able to have another bowl of my Mum's Asam Laksa again. Only Mum knows...


  1. so yummy.. I feel so hungry now :D!

  2. Wow the laksa looks good!
    Go ask your mum to teach you how to prepare it :p ehehe

  3. next time ur mum prepare's it, call me and i'll fly over to sunway to eat ok?

  4. Sherry: haha, did you grab some laksa?

    Py: Lols, I would want to..maybe the next time I will try and after I know it, I will call you along to taste it huh=)

    Mk: Haha,sure thing..only if my mum prepares it..again..


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