Friday, June 18, 2010

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre @ Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur [8th April 2010]

Back during the April, my little cousin was back for a short visit. Supposedly wanted to bring him for a little more adventurous activity like trekking for waterfall, but unfortunately, he had to stay away from water related activities this year due to his Chinese horoscope.

That left us not much choice. To bring him to a museum or a science. Well, at least he will get to know more about Malaysia. I suggested Petrosains Discovery Centre to him and he agreed to it without any hesitation. This will be his very first time exploring this science gallery which is located in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Petrosains Discovery Centre

The entrance fee to the gallery is priced at RM 12 for adult(18 years and above) and RM 4 for children (5-12 years old). The journey of the gallery begins with Dark Ride, where you are seated on the slow moving coaster equipped with sound and clips of introduction to the transformation of Malaysia throughout the years. Then approximately 15 minutes later, you will reached another part of the gallery where you descend from the coaster and continue the journey by walking.
This is where it begins

Shape your pipes to get the quickest time for the ball to drop

Optic illusion of 3d wand

How does it feel to ride a bulldozer?

Man with the mirror

There were many little kiosks demonstrating the law of science, offering some games in between. We spent nearly half an hour in the first section before reaching Geotime Diorama.
Geotime Diorama

This is the section where it will take you back to more than 200 millions years ago, exploring the vast ancient environment. Not only that, there were lots of kiosks showcasing about the many types of fossils, rocks and petroleum.
200 million years ago look alike?
And, the cute part about this section was that the T-Rex can actually sing in Bahasa Malaysia!
Lil cousin with the singing T-Rex

Variety of rocks formation

Igneous rocks

Looked like honey, but it is Petroleum

Shortly, we reached a section where there were a staff performing some science tricks. I must admit that my science knowledge had been returned to the school.
Worker performing some science trick
There were more kiosks at the section, showcasing more law and theories of science. Best of all, there are certain kiosks that allowed you to experiment them yourself. My pick would be experiencing the strong Earthquake. Ok, Earthquake is really scary.
Kiosks showcasing laws of science

Earthquake kiosk

Science can be beautiful

Next we moved on the Outer Space Section, where you will get to enhance your knowledge on the solar system and as well as experiencing the life of an astronaut.
Outer Space Station

Static, does it feel zappy?

Process of a lunar eclipse

Interactive way of enhancing knowledge


Air Gun

My name is Nxt

There was this section that you will need to pass through before moving the next Exploration section. Named as the Sparkz, this section is like a playground for children, only that those facilities here are rather techy.
Interactive Art
Kids get early exposure to iMac. Ok, that's the world we are living now..

This is the part where I joined my little cousin to be a little kiddo for a while.
Grain Pit

Splashing, pulling and pouring were among the actions that I performed. Feels like working in a factory for a day.
Step 1, 2, 3

Processing the "grain"

So called "Grain"

Hope you enjoyed your time here, lil cousin!=)

There were more to explore but unfortunately my camera ran out of battery. We spent near to 4 hours in the gallery before exiting via the Dark Ride again. And just before we leave the gallery, we were allowed to print a post card of remembrance.
OMG! T-Rex ya?

I had a great time with my little cousin. Never thought science could be as fun, or maybe I'm still a kid? Lols!

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre
Petronas Twin Towers
Level 4, Suria KLCC
50088, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 - 2331 8181
Fax: +603 - 2331 1295


  1. Seems like an interesting place! Anywayz, what song can that T Rex sing eh? You know, everytime I'm in KLCC, I'd be too busy rushing to Kinokuniya. Lols!

  2. The T Rex sing darn cute 1, can rap..lols!haha..well, you just love books, don't ya?hehe


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