Monday, June 28, 2010

My Homemade Tuna Sandwich

I'm so sorry to all my readers. With World Cup taking place in South Africa, I find myself unusually staying in front of the television more frequent. I have a lot of exciting posts coming up and I promise to update it more frequent than ever.

Malaysia, which is located in the Asian Zone, the late kickoff in South Africa would mean that the match will be broadcasted at 2.30am. To miss the match would be a little sinful because World Cup is only held once every four year. But staying up late will pose another problem too, the hungry stomach! And how do I satisfy my hungry stomach?

Sandwich is the answer! Firstly, I got myself a load of wholemeal bread. Honestly, I'd always preferred my sandwich made from the wholemeal bread.
Gardenia Wholemeal Bread

Next, it would be great should you be able to get some fresh vegetables to provide some extra munch to the sandwich. Since I'm just back from the Cameron Highlands, I just open the fridge to get some fresh veges which I got it from the highlands.
Cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes

Lazy to prepare a tuna? Don't worry as all you needed to do is to head to the nearest convenience store to pick your flavour. My personal favourite is the Ayam Brand Hot Tuna Mayonnaise.
Ayam Brand Hot Tuna Mayonnaise

For those that prefer some mild crisp on the sandwich, you can actually toast the bread which I did.
Easy to prepare

Spread the tuna on your toasted bread and there you go, a ready tuna sandwich to satisfy your hungry stomach.
My hot tuna sandwich

All in all, it took less than 3 minutes and you are ready to savour your home made tuna sandwich whilst not missing any actions from the live World Cup match. However, I do noted that tomatoes does not really blend well with the tuna. Perhaps, I prefer my tuna sandwich to be without the tomatoes.


  1. Next time I think I better use 3 minutes to prepare tuna sandwich instead of cooking maggi. This is definitely healthier hahah.

    Make sure you keep ur promise and update MORE! :p

  2. ya,,bread is healthier definitely..but can u make the sandwich?;p

    sure, i'm a man with promise..=p

  3. Of coz I can make the sandwich! You said it's easy to prepare :p

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