Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Restoran Yuan Kee @ Jalan Kepong Baru, Kepong

Kepong, a fairly large town which located in Kuala Lumpur, is considered to be one of the food heaven amongst those food seekers. On Eddie's previous trip back here, he brought us to a stretch of food stalls located by the roadside of Jalan Kepong Baru.

Too many to choose from, and we decided Restoran Yuan Kee as our dinner place.
Restoran Yuan Kee

The stall offered variety of home cooked dishes to go with your white rice. They have plenty of signature dishes, so be sure to ask the assistant for recommendation. On our visit, we were recommended this
Special Stewed Pork Belly (RM 15)
I find the taste was somehow weird and slightly salty. Apart from that, the pork belly were too fat for my liking.

Claypot Chinese Wine Chicken (RM 16)
Chinese wine and curry leaves made up the fragrance of this dish. It was decent in taste but not spectacular. Could have been better should the chicken meat were better infused with the gravy.

Stir-fried Choy Sum (RM 10)
It was alright but the price tag is slightly expensive.

Spicy Homemade Bean Curd (RM 10)
The bean curd were fried initially offering a mild crisp on the outer layer. It was then topped off with the spicy gravy that consisted of minced pork. Tasted very much like the Ma-po tau foo. My favourite for the day.

The total bill came to RM 58.80 which consisted of white rice and a pot of Chinese tea. It was a decent price for the five of us. However, I was a little bit disappointed with the taste of the food. Maybe I had a higher expectation or we just ordered the wrong dishes for the night.

Atmosphere: 4/10
Food: 5/10 (non-halal)
Price: 5/10
Verdict: Just another ordinary stall offering some ordinary taste signature dishes.

Restoran Yuan Kee
Along roadside of Jalan Kepong Baru
Kepong Baru
Kuala Lumpur

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