Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apom Manis New Lane Hawker Centre @ Lorong Baru, Penang

The Penangites referred them as Apom Manis while I preferred calling them as mini pancakes. Located at the food hawker street of New Lane in Georgetown, there is a Apom Manis stall where a guy has been selling them for many years.

The pancakes offered here are not normal pancakes which were made from flour. Instead, the pancakes come with offering of different flavours and fillings from the menu, namely cocunut, banana and sweet corn.
New Lane Apom Manis Stall

The stall is popular with the crowd and you might need to queue a while for your pancakes to be ready. At that time of visit during last May, my Mum waited for near to 20 minutes.
Can be crowded during peak period especially on weekends

While waiting for the Apom Manis to be ready, I checked out on the process of the preparation. Firstly, the flour mixture were pour on to the heated mould.
Pouring the flour mixture on the mould

After a while, the fillings were added on to the almost ready Apom Manis and they were folded in half.
Adding some fillings

Next, you know that your Apom Manis is ready!
Ready Apom Manis (RM 2 for 5 pieces)
It had a a very buttery aromatic and scented so irresistible. The Apom is thick in texture, soft and tasted so fragrant with the pandan flavour kicking in. Not only that, it does had the extra fillings that added more fragrant to the already taste good Apom on it's own.

Cocunut Flavour
At it's price, I thought it was a steal with the generous fillings.

Though there are 3 flavours to choose from, you will not need to worry as each of the flavour tasted equally good. Just ask the guy to mix a variety of flavour for you and off you go with some delicious Apom in your hand.

Food: 8/10
Price: 8.5/10
Verdict: Delicious Apom Manis that is really value for money!

Apom Manis New Lane
New Lane Hawker Street (The road along Penang Sunway Hotel)
Lorong Baru
off Jalan Mcalister

Business hours: 5pm - 11pm daily

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