Monday, September 13, 2010

Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant @ Batu Maung, Penang

When I first came to Penang as a kid in the mid 90's, my Uncle brought me to a fishing village known as Batu Maung for seafood. From that time on, we will never miss visiting Batu Maung for seafood whenever we are in Penang. The memory is still fond till today, especially on the taste of the deliciously prepared baked meat crab.

Time flies and it is already year 2010. My parents and I decided to revisit Batu Maung for some seafood but we were informed by our favourite old restaurant operator that the restaurant has no longer in business. Disappointed I was, I was not about to give up. On my last night on my previous trip to Penang, I drove all the way to Batu Maung with Pei Yee and we found a relatively new seafood restaurant in the name of Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant.
Ocean Batu Maung Restaurant

The place look relatively new from the outside and later I was informed that this restaurant has been relocated here from the deeper side of Batu Maung.
A newly renovated restaurant

Unlike the former Batu Maung seafood restaurant, this newly renovated restaurant offered a cooling air-conditioned atmosphere.
Clean and cozy atmosphere

Since we are at Batu Maung, we ordered nothing but just seafood and seafood.
Kam Heong La La (RM 8 per plate)
The generous accompaniments of dried shrimps and curry leaves brings out the true Kam Heong flavour. Not only that, it was neither fried too dry nor too soggy. Defnitely fit to be one of the better kam heong la-la that I have tasted.

Fried Squids (RM 8 per plate)
I thought the flour coating of the squids were lacking in flavour. Even the crispiness and the chili sauce failed to make it taste any better.

Grilled Fish (RM 16 per plate)
I was not impressed with their grilled fish. The chili gravy (sambal) coating tasted awful with a very strong and weird taste of belacan.

Next, time for the infamous old favourite seafood dish of mine, the baked crab.
Ocean Batu Maung Baked Crab (RM 45 per kilo)

The size of the crab served on that night were pretty decent with a crab weighing 400g to 500g each.
Smile crabby!

The taste of it?
I still believe that meat crab are best eaten by baking them just like how Batu Maung seafood restaurant prepares them. It maintained the succulence and tenderness of the slightly spongy crab meat. Besides that, you get to taste the natural sweetness of the crab as well. And yes, I have to admit that Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant brings back the good old memories of a delicious baked crab. Not only that, the crab meat here tasted insanely sweet that I thought I'm eating sugar. Two thumbs up from me!

Complimentary Mixed Fruit Platter

Just before we went off, we went to observe their live seafood tank section.
The live seafood tanks

Fresh and still alive

Some other seafood for your choice

The total bill came to RM 86.50 inclusive of drinks and wet towels. I thought the price was very reasonable judging the portion of their serving and the amount of seafood that we had. Adding on, they do not have extra surcharge of service or government charges.

Overall, the seafood dinner was enjoyable with a very cozy ambiance. Definitely I'll be back for more crab and crabs on my next Penang trip.

Kam Heong La La: 7/10
Fried Squids: 4.5/10
Grilled Fish: 4/10
Baked Crab: 9/10

Atmosphere: 6/10

Price: 7.5/10
Verdict: Their baked crab is a bomb while the grilled fish is forgettable.

Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant
(right beside Pelabuhan Perikanan MITP Batu Maung)
Unit B1 to Bangsal Industrial MITP Batu Maung Fisher Port
Batu Maung
11960, Bayan Lepas

Tel: 04 - 6266 928
Fax: 04 - 6266 928


  1. Oooh the yummy crabs!! Two thumbs up from me too! Love the sweetness of the meat. I like the lala too. Grilled fish is the least fav..
    Shall drag my parents there for crabs...when they are free. Hahah.

  2. Ya u should drag your parents there.. wait for me to come penang ya? and we shall we lots and lots crabs together..=D


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