Thursday, September 9, 2010

Penang Dim Sum Food Restaurant @ Jalan Macalister, Penang

I'm not a morning person that wake up early to have breakfast. However, whenever I happen to be in Penang, it is like a miracle that I will automatically get up early to have my breakfast. Dim sum is one of the many choices that I choose as my meal for a new day in Penang.

It may sound unusual to have dim sum for breakfast in Penang, but trust me, you will have a second thought after trying out at Dim Sum Food Restaurant. They are located along Jalan Macalister and serve really good dim sum at a very reasonable price.
Dim Sum Food Restaurant along Jalan Macalister

Dim Sum Food Resturant is operated by the same owner which also operates Restoran Zim Sum in Jalan Anson.
Dim Sum Food Restaurant

To accelerate the orders, they adapted the self-service system where you pick your choice of dim sum and bringing them yourself to your table.
Self-service at the pick up counter

Pick your choice

Very crowded especially during the weekends

On my previous visit, this is some of the dim sum that I had with my parents.
Char Siew Pau (RM 1 each)
I thought it was a steal at it's price with a big size. It tasted great and one of the better Char Siew Pau that I have enjoyed.

Egg Tart (RM 1 each)
The pastry offered a mild crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Another pastry that I really enjoyed.

Siu Mai (RM 2.50 per platter)
Very juicy and full with chewiness of the succulent fresh prawn.

Salad Prawn (RM 3 per platter)
Not spectacular but not bad either.

Char Siew Pastry (RM 1 each)
This is the bomb! Each bite on it unfold the fluffiness of the pastry that melts in your mouth with an aromatic buttery smell and tasty Char Siew fillings. Simply awesome!

Loh Mai Kai (RM 3 each)
Mimicking the Hong Kong style, the glutinous rice is wrapped with leaves. The texture of the glutinous rice is just nice, neither too soft nor too hard. It was well flavoured too and thus it can be categorized as above average.

Assorted Yong Tau Foo (RM 1 per piece)
The fish paste tasted original but it is not the best yong tau foo for me.

Yu Mai (RM 2 per platter)
It is being rolled together with bean curd skin. Tasted decent with a very original texture of fish meat.

Fried Fish Ball (RM 2 per platter)
Taste wise is the same as Yu Mai but it is being fried instead of steamed.

Besides dim sum, they also offer other food such as congee, fried vegetables and fried noodles. On my every visit, I will never miss out ordering a plate of Fried Cantonese Style flat noodles.
Fried Cantonese Style Flat Noodles (RM 4.50 per plate)
The perfectly timed drizzling of the egg added extra smoothness to the not too oozy gravy. Not only that, it comes with a generous serving accompaniments of big succulent prawn and fresh grouper fish fillet. Add on with the wok hei, it is one of the best that I had ever tasted.

Should your initial pick up from the counter is not enough, need not worry as they have waitress with the dim sum cart going from table to table. Just replenish your favourite dim sum to satisfy your cravings.
Dim Sum cart

The total bill for the above dim sum came to RM 29.50 which include a pot of Chinese tea. I've got no complain about the taste of the food, what's more on the exceptionally reasonable pricing of it. This is when you think your money is all worth being spent!

Atmosphere: 5.5/10
Food: 7.5/10 (non-halal)
Price: 8/10
Verdict: Pretty good dim sum at an exceptionally cheap price! Be here early to avoid queuing for table!

Restoran Zim Sum (right opposite of UMNO building)
53, Macalister Road
Business hours: 8am - 2pm
(Mon to Fri), 8am - 3pm (Weekends and Public Holiday)


  1. In localised terms, we normally differentiate this type of glutinous rice dish by calling it as hor yip fan @ lotus leave rice, as oppose to the ones steamed in steel bowl which are common known as lor mai gai.

    Personally, i prefer hor yip fan than lor mai gai, cuz the lotus leave brings out the flavor of the rice. YUMzzz..

  2. eh, nice haaa.. can take my parents there arleady~

  3. Sephi: Yeah that is right but I have no idea why they called in Loh Mai Kai over the stall there. When I tell them Hor Yip Fan, they don't understand.

    Taufulou: Ya, you should visit that and your parents will not be disappointed.


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