Friday, September 3, 2010

Grilled Chicken Wing and Pork Satay, New Lane Hawker Centre @ Lorong Baru, Penang

If you fancies grilled food and happened to be having your meal in New Lane Hawker Centre, remember not to miss out the grilled chicken wing and satay stall. Since they are a few stall selling the same food, I took some picture of the stall to avoid confusion on which stall to order from.

On my previous visit, I ordered the grilled chicken wing from the stall which is located on the same row with Penang Sunway Hotel.
The stall is located on the same row of Penang Sunway Hotel

New Lane Grilled Chicken Wing (RM 2 each)
The chicken wing was grilled perfectly without any over grilled spotted. First bite, unfolded the sweetness of the honey coating that followed swiftly by the juiciness of the well marinated chicken wing. This is where one is never enough.

Next, I'd ordered some Batu Maung satay as well from the stall located opposite the row of Penang Sunway Hotel.
The stall is located on the opposite row of Penang Sunway Hotel

Fanning for fire

Batu Maung satay is the type of satay that is eaten on it's own without any peanut gravy.
Batu Maung Pork Satay (RM 0.80 each)
The meat were all well marinated with the special seasoning, reflecting the true Batu Maung taste without the strong hint of kunyit. Not only that, the meat were lean, tender and juicy as a result of perfect grilling. Another two thumbs up delicacy that was bursting with flavour!

If you ask me on which both of the grilled food that I preferred, I will tell you that I cannot choose because both were equally lip smacking good! Don't miss it and you will agree with me once you've tried them.

rilled Chicken Wing: 9/10
Batu Maung Pork Satay: 9/10

Atmosphere: Al-fresco dining

Price: 6/10
Verdict: Gotta be my favourite grilled chicken wing and pork satay to date.

Grilled Chicken Wing and Batu Maung Satay at New Lane
New Lane Hawker Street (The road along Penang Sunway Hotel)
Lorong Baru
off Jalan Mcalister

Business hours: 5pm - 11pm daily


  1. Totally agree with your 9/10 ratings and the descriptions of both satay and chicken wings! *thumbs up* Great pics of the food too! :)

  2. Thanks Py, man I'm now craving for the satay and chicken wings=.=..


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