Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mum & Dad 30th Anniversary, Buffet Dinner @ Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang, Subang Jaya

Everyday is special on it's own but today is especially special as my parents celebrate their 30th pearl anniversary. Congratulations to both you Dad and Mum and may the happiness last for as long as it can!

Initially, we wanted to go for a family trip but with most placed packed due to the long Hari Raya break, we decided to postpone the trip. We ended up having buffet dinner at the cozy 5 star hotel Holiday Villa Subang.
Holiday Villa Subang

Palm Terrace Coffee House is the cafe that serves buffet in Holiday Villa Subang. As the Ramadhan month has passed, the buffet themed is quickly switched back to international buffet. Priced at RM 69++ per pax, it has 100 over variety of food and desserts to offer.
Palm Terrace Coffee House, Holiday Villa Subang

With the wide array of food, you got to be a little picky on your food selection to fit your limited tummy space.
The Malay delicacy corner
Lamb Kebab with Leak and Cous-cats
A very meaty kebab but let down by it's lacking in flavour.

Lemang and Ketupat
A Malay delicacy that is well savoured during Hari Raya festival. One of my favourite Malay delicacy as well!

Curry Prawn

Fresh oysters
Left untouched as fresh oysters is not my cup of tea.

A big chunk of salmon meat
Please help yourself to slice as much of salmon as you want.

My Japanese savoury
The smoked salmon were pretty fresh and tasted a little like bacon. I would have prefer fresh salmon though.

Roasted Whole Chicken
A very ordinary roasted chicken.

Next, there was a little Italian stall that serves fresh from the pan pasta. Just pick your ingredients and the chef on duty will do the rest.
White Sauce Spaghetti

Both the pasta tasted really awesome thanks to the generous servings of the flavourful sauce. Not only that, I enjoyed the springy texture of the spaghetti as well.
Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce

My food selection from Malay Corner

Tom Yam Soup
It was bursting with flavour. My personal best experience of a Tom Yam soup.

Curry Laksa
Pretty decent one but could have been better with a saltier soup.

The desserts bar

Chocolate Cake
Wanted to have some of it but too bad as my tummy has no space left.

Fruit Punch

Fruits corner
Local fruits such as star fruits, watermelon, papaya and honey dew were served.

A little bit of this and that

My lovey dovey parents

30 years and counting

Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents

With my lovely Mum

Congratulations Dad and Mum for achieving such a milestone!

The food did lived up to my expectation from a 5 star rating hotel. However, the highlight of the night was the celebration of my parents 30th Anniversary. Love both of you, Dad and Mum!

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 6.5/10
Price: 5/10
Verdict: Pretty good food from a 5 star rated hotel with an excellent hostess service.

Palm Terrace Coffee House
Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang
9, Jalan SS 12/1
47500, Subang Jaya
Tel: 603 - 5633 8788
Fax: 603 - 5633 7449

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