Monday, September 6, 2010

Penang Lok Lok and Leng Chi Kang @ Pulau Tikus Market, Penang

If you are craving for something light as your supper during your stay in Penang, you would not want to miss out visiting Pulau Tikus market during the night time. Just like New Lane Hawker Centre, there are food stalls being setup by the road side offering an al-fresco dining experience.

The food variety here are no doubt lesser than of being offered by New Lane, but you will be thankful for the cooler air and a more peaceful ambiance while dining here.
Pulau Tikus Market Hawker Centre

One of my favourite stall here is the Lok Lok stall in the name of Celor-Celor. This stall has been in operation for many years and is one of the favourite stall amongst the Penangites for some Lok Lok.
Penang Lok Lok at Pulau Tikus Market

Just like Satay Celup Melaka, Penang Lok Lok offers similar semi-cooked food on skewers ranging from meat to vegetables to be dunked into the pot of soup base. The different however is on the soup base, where boiling water is used instead of the groundnut satay sauce.
Wide variety of Lok-Lok (RM 0.80 - RM 2 per skewer)
I would not say the Lok Lok is really spectacular but I would rate it as slightly above average, thanks to the tasty accompaniment chili sauce. The food skewers were fresh and it came in a wide variety.

It always feel good to have a cold icy drink after a steaming hot eating experience of Lok-Lok. I will not missed out ordering a bowl of Leng Chi Kang dessert from the desserts stall operated by a lady at this Pulau Tikus Market.
Pulau Tikus Market Leng Chi Kang Stall

Leng Chi Kang aka Si Kor Theng (RM 2.30 per bowl)
It was so icy cold, vanishing my sizzling temperature after the Lok-Lok. Not only that, the sweetness level was perfect and it came together with a generous servings of accompaniment ingredients. Simply refreshing!

These are the two delicacy that you should not missed out if you happened to be dining in Pulau Tikus wet market. Though there are other Penang delicacy being offered here as well, I was not moved to give them a try. Perhaps on my next visit to Penang, when I am looking for a heavier meal as my supper.

Penang Lok Lok: 6.5/10
Leng Chi Kang: 8/10

Atmosphere: Al-fresco dining

Price: 7.5/10
Verdict: Both the Lok Lok and Leng Chi Kang stall offer a very reasonable price on their food. It's like the experience of hot colliding with cold when you have them together, awesome!

Penang Lok Lok and Leng Chi Kang
Pulau Tikus Market

Jalan Pasar
Pulau Tikus

Business hours: 6pm - 12am daily, Closed on Wednesday.
Tel: +6016 - 4786083 (Mr Huang for Lok Lok Stall)

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