Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pandan Coconut, Anba Coconut Trading @ Lorong Abu Siti, Penang

With the soaring temperature of Penang, it is hard not to find something to cool down your body. Think about thirst quencher, I will not fail to think of coconut drinks.

There was this stall which I had always visited whenever I feel like having some coconut drinks in Penang. Located at Lorong Abu Siti, Anba Cocunut Trading Sdn Bhd does not only sell coconut on a wholesale but they offers coconut to individual as well.
Anba Coconut Trading Sdn Bhd, Lorong Abu Siti

You will notice that there is a lot of coconuts lying everywhere as though you are in a coconut warehouse. There are two choices of coconut, the ordinary one and the pandan coconut.
Ordinary Young Cocunut (RM 1.70 each)

My choice has always been the pandan coconut. Slightly more expensive, but it is all worth for the sweeter taste of the juice with hints of pandan fragrant.
Young Pandan Coconut (RM 2.50 each)

Just placed an order and the worker will choose the best coconut for you before slicing it off for you to enjoy the drinks.
Professional coconut slicer

Sliced Pandan Coconut
The coconut isn't chilled nor they are any ice within. However, the drinks were sweet and simply refreshing with a great pandan fragrant. Definitely will be better if they were serve chilled.

Should you want to have the coconut meat, do ask them for assistance.
Coconut meat
The flesh are sweet and soft, living up to it's billing of young coconut.

They do not provide spoon for you to scoop the coconut meat. Instead, they adapted a very environment friendly approach by slicing part of the coconut shelf to resemble a spoon.
Scooping the meat in a natural way

Thumbs up for the pandan coconut!

There are no proper tables or even seats for you to enjoy the coconut drinks. However, you will not complain the moment you had your first sip of the drink.

Coconut drink: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Verdict: Refreshing pandan coconut drinks that have you refreshed!

Anba Coconut Trading Sdn Bhd
Lorong Abu Siti
off Jalan Burma

Georgetown, 10400

Business hours: 8am - 7pm (Monday to Saturday)
Tel: 012 - 450 9194


  1.'s been months since I had coconut juice!

  2. Wait for me, and we shall have it together..=)


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