Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Tune Hotels Downtown Penang @ Jalan Burma, Penang

Tune Hotels name might be new, but it is expanding aggressively all over the world in the past few years. Tune Hotels is not those hotelier that provide luxury accommodation and facilities as it provides budget hotel with a promise of "5 star sleeping experience at 1 star price".

On my previous trip to Penang, I was at the Downtown Penang Tune Hotels for a stay over of two nights.
Tune Hotels Downtown Penang

Lobby at third flood

There are some computers with internet connection being stationed at the lobby. To gain access, you would need to ask for a passcode slip from the reception and you are entitled to a maximum of 30 minutes usage per session.
Computers with internet connection for the in-house guest
The computer was lag free and the internet connection was pretty fast.

Upon finished checking in, you will be handed a smart card that will be used as an access to unlock your room door and to be slotted into the centralized control to power up the room. The smart card also stored the remaining amount of air-conditioned that can be utilized. The air-condition credit can be purchased at RM 13.49 for 12 hours and RM 21 for 24 hours.
Slot your card into the centralized control

The span area of the room was really small and it doesn't leave you much space to move around. However, you would not complain for the price that you have paid. After all, you won't be staying in the hotel for most of your time if you are an outdoor person.
A pretty sizeable bed for 2 person
I must say the bed provided me the claimed 5 star sleeping experience. Really comfortable.

And some of the facilities that are included in the room.
Air condition
You will need to purchase the credit from the reception to activate the air condition.

Next, the most important thing will be the washroom.
The attached washroom
I was impressed with their layout and design of the washroom. It looked very fresh, tidy and clean for you to spend some time with yourself here. In fact, the washroom is better than some of the hotels that I have visited that claimed to have higher star.

Attached hair dryer
You can keep yours in the home.

Advertisement space

I supposed it's a table

Safe box
A real surprise for me that a budget hotel does provide this facility as well.

On the next morning after getting up from a comfortable sleeping experience, you can choose your bed linens to be changed daily by placing a leaflet on the bed.
Promoting green Earth

Remember to remove your smart card before stepping out of your room.
The smart card

This is what happened when you remove your smart card from the centralized control.
Power will be switched off in 5 seconds

You are required to check out on your final day, to return the smart card and any towels (that you rent) to the hotelier to have your deposit refunded.
Check out at the lobby

I must admit that I'm really surprise at the facilities and the comfortableness provided by Tune Hotels. It has surpassed my expectation of a budget hotel and even better than some hotels that have a higher star rating.

To book a stay at any Tune Hotels, simply log on to their webpage at From there, you can tune your facilities and need with just a simple click. Then will be proceeded to payment page and your room is confirmed once you have settle the payment.
Tune your needs (screen shot from

If you are not the type of person that like to spend too much on lavish hotel, then Tune Hotels is the right choice for you. The price for each night at Tune Hotels starts from RM 18 and very much depends on seasonal time.

Comfortableness: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10
Verdict: My best ever staying experience with a budget hotel!

Tune Hotels Downtown Penang

Jalan Burma

Tel: +603 - 7962 5888

*Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial post nor I was paid for it. It is based solely on my opinion after a two nights stay at Tune Hotels Downtown Penang.


  1. Hi Jun,

    Thank you very much for your informative post above. Just to clarify, Tune Hotels and Air Asia are separate entities and do not own each other. We are related parties in that we share the same major shareholder in Tony Fernandes.

    To know more about us and our upcoming promotions, do join us at

    Warm regards,
    Biresh Vrajlal

  2. Hi Biresh,

    Thank you for your clarification. I have updated my post to reflect the most accurate information. Thank you once again and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


  3. No Problem, thanks again for the informative review :-)


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