Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Lane Hawker Street @ Lorong Baru, Penang

Lorong Baru which literally means "New Lane" is a street well known amongst the Penangites and also those tourist that stayed at the Sunway Hotel for the hawker food by the street. Located just foot steps away from the famous Sunway Hotel, the streets offered decent Penang food for those who lack transportation or lazy to travel further for food.

This hawker street is located off the busy road of Jalan Mcalister. It is hard to miss the street as you could see a long stretch of lights during the night time. If that is not enough, there is the Sunway Hotel Penang signboard to greet you at the turning into the junction as one have to pass by the this street before reaching Sunway Hotel.
The little road signage

The streets get busier by the evening, about 4pm, with sights of hawkers setting up the stall are a normal scene. Business started as early as 5pm, and continued until the late midnight.
Business by the street

There were lots and lots of hawker stall to choose from. Whilst it is good to have numerous hawker stlall, however it does give you a little headache because there are more than one hawker stall selling the same food. Thus, you got to pick the best stall for your favourite food to avoid taste disappointment.

If I could recall, there were more than 3 stalls selling curry noodle. My previous experience of curry noodle at New Lane was not satisfying, so this time, I opted for another stall.
Decent curry noodle stall

Curry Noodle (RM 2.50)
Don't be disillusioned by the picture. It is indeed a curry noodle but it comes with a very generous garnishing of cuttlefish, prawn, cockles, tau foo pok and chu hung (blood jelly). Just like the typical Penang curry noodle, the soup was not thick but offered reasonable amount of curry aroma to coat the noodles. Definitely a better bowl of curry noodle in New Lane street.

The aroma of fried raddish cake just could not stop attacking my nose. As such, I find it hard to resist a plate of Char Koay Kark, which literally means Fried Raddish Cake in Hokkien.
Fried Seafood Radish Cake stall

It is rare to find a place that serves fried seafood radish cake in Klang Valley. However, in Penang, this is the norm, and almost each of the Fried Radish Cake stalls offered seafood.
Fried Seafood Radish Cake (RM 2.50)
Wok hei-checked. Seafood-checked. Generosity of beansprouts-checked. Aromatic and full with flavour-checked. On top of that, the radish cakes softness were just nice, neither too hard or soft. For me, it is important that a good fried radish cake should consist of a little burned out aroma. And yes, this definitely fits in to be one of the delicious fried radish cake. However, it was rather oily though. Oh well, time to put dietary a side when you have a plate of delicious fried radish cake right in front of you.

One will find it hard to miss out the tangling stall of this famous pork intestines porridge at New Lane hawker street.
Pork Intestines Porridge Stall

Pork Intestine Porridge (RM 4)
A bowl of porridge garnished with variety of pork intestines. If you are fan of pork intestines, this is a bowl of porridge that you should not missed out. The flavourful aroma and the crispiness intestines coupled with the smooth porridge will be sure to give you a very satisfying porky porridge experience.

Dining by the street

The weather was rather humid and hot. Thankfully, the drinks stall there do offer ABC (sweetened shaved ice topped with ice cream).
Special ABC with ice cream topping (RM 2.50)

The Apong stall

Apong a.k.a Kuih Tetayap (RM 2 for 5 pieces)
A thin layer of sweetened egged flour is being pour on to the mini wok to make Apong. Whilst it not difficult to make one, it however required some good recipe to produce an aromatic Apong. Obviously, some skill is needed to produce a mild crisp on the outside while fluffy in the inside. This Apong has what it takes to fall into the categories of good Apong!

There are many more hawker food being offered at this New Lane street. It should be better if you come in a bigger group so that you will be able to taste the different type of hawkers food being offered here.

Curry Noodle: 6/10 (non-halal)
Fried Seafood Radish Cake: 7.5/10
Pork Intestines Porridge: 8/10 (non-halal)
Apong: 7/10

Atmosphere: Open air, by the roadside

Price: 8/10
Verdict: Pork intestines porridge, fried seafood radish cake, pork satay and fried chicken fillets/backsides/skins are those stalls that you should not missed out!

New Lane Hawker Street
Lorong Baru
off Jalan Mcalister


  1. I miss the pork intestine porridge! It looks really good in the pic =p


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