Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baked Crab Seremban Seafood Village @ Seremban

One should not missed out having some crabs when happen to be in Seremban town. Seremban is not a fishing village nor a town that is near to any seashore, but there is a restaurant that serve their very renowned yummylicious baked crabs and other in-house signature dishes as well.

It is a standard practice for me, whenever we are on our way back to KL from Melaka, we will drop by this restaurant to get some crabs. And, for the previous trip down to Melaka, I do introduced this restaurant to my parents and Chee.
Seremban Seafood Village

This restaurant has been in operation for many years. If I'd manage to recall properly, it was my auntie who first brought me here when I was still a Form 3 kid.
Packed, even during the lunch time

If you are the type of person who likes chili sauce, be sure to try out their specially home made chili sauce.
In-house specialty chili sauce
The sauce is a blending of minced chili and garlic. Slightly spicy and tangy, it provides the extra kick for those who prefer a sharper taste on their food. Good to go with the meat, especially the crab!

Stir-fried lettuce (RM 8)

Fried Squids (RM 12)
While the coating offered a mild crisp, it however tasted very bland. Thankfully the in house chili sauce do some justice to the taste.

Thai-styled Chicken (RM 10)
Breaded chicken thigh are deep fried before being drizzled with the sweet and sour sauce gravy. Garnished with sliced cucumbers, onions and sesame seed. A signature dish that is good even on it's own. Fans of sweet and sour taste will love it!

Claypot Tau Foo (RM 12)
Decent in taste and goes well with the rice.

And just like the usual practice, the crab will always be served as the last dish. After 35 minutes, two crabs which weighted in a total of about a kilo was served to our table.
Seremban Seafood Village Baked Crab (RM 48 per kilo)
The premium signature dish of the restaurant. Every table will definitely have this crab on it. The shell of the crab is spread with some sauce which resembles the taste of marmite. The sauce tasted slightly salty with some hint of the aromatic burnt smell-appetizing your taste bud before the crab meat experience.

Succulent and juicy meat
It was baked to perfection, maintaining the pure sweetness of the crab meat. The crab meat was succulent and juicy too, what a way to savour a crab! This is the time where words are not enough to express how delicious the crab was.

The total bill came to RM 96.20 which inclusive of rice and drinks. I suppose the price is reasonable taking into account that we do have the huge meaty crab as one of the dish.

Stir fried lettuce: 5/10
Fried Squids: 4.5/10
Thai-styled chicken: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Claypot Tau Foo: 5.5/10
Baked Crab: 9/10

Atmosphere: 5.5/10

Price: 6.5/10
Verdict: The baked crab is a bliss that will surely put you out of words!

Seremban Seafood Village
No 3720 - 3724
Jalan Tuanku Munawir
70000, Seremban
Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06 - 7641 260 / 012 - 628 7661
Business hours: 11am -1am

GPS Coordinates: N2 43.985' E101 56.065'

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