Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sin Kim San Hawker Food @ Jalan Rangoon, Penang

There is no need to worry about difficulty in getting food when you are hungry in the middle of night at Penang. There are ample of coffee shops specially open from late night to the wee hours to cater those that have hungry stomach in the middle of the night.

Located at Jalan Rangoon, off the busy street of Mcallister road lied a coffee shop named Kedai Kopi Makanan dan Minuman Sin Kim San. It is a typical Chinese coffee shop that offers a lot variety of hawker food to choose from.

As I was seated, the fragrance of the Char Koay Teow just keep attacking my nose. Since I had not eaten any of it for my current visit, I decided to give a try.
Char Koay Teow stall

It was barely 10 minutes before my plate of Char Koay Teow was served to me.
Char Koay Teow (RM 3)
While it doesn't taste as great as how the fragrance suggested, it however did enough to persuade me to finish it. The slices of Chinese sausages and pork lard did add some extra flavour to it, but it would be better with more soy sauce.

Next, I was tempted by a stall that sell Tom Yam satay.
The Satay stall

I ordered five sticks of the Tom Yam satay without knowing that it was actually that huge. Thankfully, I did not ordered ten sticks or else we will be facing difficulty finishing them.
Tom Yam Satay (RM 1 per stick)
Opposed to the typical satay, this satay does not come with the groundnuts gravy. Instead, it was drizzled with Tom Yam thick gravy. It was spicy and had a very strong hint of lemon grass. The satay was so huge and consisted of only chicken meat minus the fats that you could feel your stomach being filled up just after having two sticks.

When I was heading back to my table after ordering the satay, I passed by this stall that is selling Chinese dumpling or plainly being referred to as bak chang. Being curious, I went closer to have a look. As I was surveying the prices on the board, I was being persuaded by a passerby auntie to try them because the taste was guaranteed to be good.
Tangling Bak Chang stall

They are many type of bak chang to choose from but I opted for the premium bak chang after much persuasion which costed a whopping RM 5.50. What makes this bak chang premium was that it consisted of scallops and salted egg yolk.
Premium Bak Chang (RM 5.50)

Initially, I thought of taking away the Bak Chang because I was already quite full. However, a second thought prompted me to change my mind and hence the opening ceremony of the Bak Chang.
Fillings in the Bak Chang
The Bak Chang consisted a lot of ingredients within namely pork cubes, salted egg yolk, scallops and chestnuts. It was full with flavour. However, the glutinous rice was on the softer side and would be better if they were firmer. But nonetheless, I find it worthy for the amount that I'd spent and did enough to satisfy my craving for it.

Overall, I was satisfied with the food being served to me on that day. Whilst it was not great, but the decent food will surely put a smile to your hungry stomach at the wee hours.

Fried Koay Teow: 5/10 (non-halal)
Tom Yam Satay: 6/10
Chinese Dumpling / Bak Chang: 6.5/10 (non-halal)

Atmosphere: 4.5/10
Price: 7/10
Verdict: A decent Penang coffee shop with a lot of hawker food to offer in the wee hours.

Kedai Kopi dan Minuman Sin Kim San
Corner Lot, Jalan Rangoon
off Mcallister Road, 10400

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