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Melaka A'Famosa Resort @ Alor Gajah, Melaka [20th Mar 2010]

I'm sure many would have heard about A Famosa Resort, an integrated resorts that provide accommodation, leisure and entertainment for those that seek a breakaway from the routines of life.

Back during the March MATTA fair, me and Chee were attracted to the promotional booth by A Famosa Resorts. The promotion was that the villas were going at RM 180 nett per villa. Since we have yet to experience the resorts since it's inception, we bought a night of staying over at the villa without having any confirmed attendee. Melaka isn't too far away, so we thought there should not be any problem finding some holiday troopers.
Main entrance of A Famosa Resorts

However, during the very last week before the trip, we were still unable to find party troopers to accommodate the trip. Whilst there were some in the pending list, however many pulled out at the last minute resulting to a final number of 5 person which included my both parents.

Upon reaching the main gate of the resorts, we were halted by the security guard to collect the security pass.
To collect a pass when enter, return when out

Security pass

After collected the pass, we thought our villa would be just a stone throw away. So wrong we were, that we actually need to drive to the other end of the resorts where our villa was located. The road signage was not helpful either, we went to the wrong site twice before finally reaching the villa check in site, after some 30 minutes of driving.
Our villa check in site

We were told that the villa would be available only at 4pm. The clock was showing only 2.30pm. It left us thinking on what to do next. To travel to Melaka town would take at least 45 minutes of drive, not a very feasible choice. So in the end, we choose to explore what do the resorts got to offer.

Initially, we thought of taking the bus provided by the resort. However, we were told that a person will be charged RM 1 for each ride. Their each ride is not on a daily passport basis but merely from location to location. Making things worse, those buses interval are not fixed and on the best estimation of time. That seriously puts us off, no choice, but to drive then!

Our first stop, were the sporting site of the resorts. It offer paintball, archery range, go-kart, and horse riding. Though it was on a Saturday noon, the site were rather like a deserted zombie area. There were only us and those facilities complex were seen vacant as well.
The sporting site of A Famosa Resorts

There is nothing that really wow us at the site. Fortunately, there is a little horse farm which provide us some sights of different species of horse.
Different species of horse

Guess who the baby horse fancied more?

And yes, they do have a semi working tank lied at the sporting site. Perhaps, to create more awareness of the sporting site?
Semi-working tank

Next stop, we went to a site by a river which lied the fishing and paddle boat activities site.
Resorts Fishing & Paddleboat site

The charges

Again, there were no one else at the site during our time of visit apart from the five of us. Seriously, the surrounding was so quiet that you could actually hear the noises of the breeze and the flowing river clearly.
Panoramic view of the river/pond

Fancied paddling some boat?

Lovey Dovey

My parents

With my both parents

The time was showing 3.30pm and we decided to pay a visit to the resorts self-proclaimed renowned A Famosa Water World and Animal Safari World.
Main entrance to the A Famosa water and safari world

I seriously do not understand why is there a need to charge parking fee of RM 3 per entry of each car knowing the fact that there were already entrance charges to both of the worlds. Not wanting to pay that unnecessary parking fee, we opted to park our car by the roadside, before the entrance to the world. We then walked towards the deeper part of the world.
Wild-wild west theme

Elephant by the road

Layout of the A Famosa Resorts

Charges for the entrance fee

The foyer, sitting area

Entrance to the Water World park

A Famosa Animal World Safari

We wanted to check out the hoo-haa of their renowned Water World Park. I was thinking maybe the water world deserves some credit and I don't mind including them in my blog to promote their famous ride. So we proceeded to the counter to seek permission of entering the Water World Park with the aim of sharing our sighting experience with our friends and close ones. Our wish was simple, were to have look around on what do the water park has to offer.

We were then being attended by this Audit manager called Mr Jayacandran. He attended us, telling that we need to purchase the ticket in order to seek entrance. While I understand the need to buy a ticket if we were to use their facilities, but hey, all we want is just to survey what it has to offer. After much discussion, he asked me to wait by the counter while he seek his supervisor for permission. 20 minutes passed by, no news from him nor even his shadow. My patience was running out, so I asked the counter desk officer to give him a ring. And only then, I was being informed that the Audit manager could not grant us the access to the Water World park. Whilst I don't blame him for not being able to grant us the access, the part where he let us, the potential customer waited like dumbo seriously challenged our dignity and intelligence. Was it so hard to just walk out and inform us that the granting the access is not possible? If I don't seek the desk officer to give him a ring, I can assure that he would just expect us to go off and forget about it. Mr Jayachandran, you only make a shame of yourself and the possibility of incurring potential losses to your company due to your unprofessional code of conducts. Audit manager, what a joke! Worst ever customer service experienced ever, a disgrace to the managerial team of A Famosa Resort!
Crappy customer service at the A Famosa Water World Park. Two thumbs down!

After that, we headed back to our villa which were already ready to be checked in. Another plain dumb system here. There was only one lane provided for the entry and exit to the villa compound. As a result, car need to wait for each other should their is a coincidentally of two cars coming from different direction.
Plain dumb lane system

Checking in hours at the villas

Our private villa

The street

Resemblance of gated community town house

Time to have a look at the private villa. Comes with 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, a large area of living room and a pretty sizable dining area. The kitchen were huge too, but a let down, because no cooking were allowed, another crappy regulation here. It was fully air-conditioned and the television were equipped with Astro facilities, offering some basic channels, ESPN and Astro Wah Lai Toi.
The area and facilities in the villa

Master bedroom with an attached bathroom

What appeal to us most while at the promotional booth was the private pool being offered by the villa. It was located at the backyard of the private villa. However, the pool did not appeared to be in a very inviting state, neither of us went for a dip.
Private pool at the backyard

Machine acting as a filter?

Fast forward it was the night time. By the time I reached villa, it was already 2.30am. Everyone were already sleeping except my mum and Chee. And. it was great to have a little catch up session with this college buddy of mine. Shuet Yan who opted to stay a night at our villa.
Thanks buddy for bringing me around! Great to see you again=)

The next morning, we checked out at 12am before headed to Seremban for lunch.

We needed to wait for some moment as those facilitator need to check the state of our villa to ensure everything is in the good state..
Coffee house at the check out site

Some different private villa

5ive is the number

Out of all the facilities offered, we are most satisfied with the accommodation, the private villa. The wide span of the private villa was huge and could easily accommodate more than 10 people. However, the private villa is located rather secluded deep in the resorts and it took us at least 45 minutes of drive to Malacca town. This make this resort not a very feasible choice for those who plan to venture more in the town. Other than having a relaxing breakaway at the resort, I could not think of other selling point of the resort.

And our verdict? Won't be back here anytime soon unless they came up something really amazing or offer some free villas to us, which we might think twice first too. For sure, the integrated resorts did not lived up to it's billings. More complaints than compliments indeed.

A Famosa Resort Hotel Malaysia
Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat
Alor Gajah, 78000
Tel: 03 0 2781 8888 (Reservation), 03 - 2781 8833 (Contract Department)
Fax: 03- 2781 8822


  1. Hi,
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  2. Hi,
    Anyone interest to rent a 4 bedroom villa with private pool, max 12 person. Whatsapp me at 011 21007380 or visit FB or IG NIRZAB2001

  3. Hi,
    Anyone interested to rent a 4 bedroom villa with private pool, max 12 person. Whatsapp me at 011 21007380 or visit FB or IG NIRZAB2001

  4. Hi,
    Anyone interested to rent a 4 bedroom villa with private pool, max 12 person. Whatsapp me at 011 21007380 or visit FB or IG NIRZAB2001


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