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Hawker Food @ Jonker Street, Melaka

Jonker Street, the most famous street in Melaka is a street that filled with hawker stalls, surrounded with ancient shop lots, offering a bazaar type of shopping. Those stalls sell stuff ranging from food to souvenirs. You name it, they have it here.

Besides those antique layout restaurants, Jonker Street is well known for their hawker food as well. The street is full with a number of hawker stalls selling a wide variety of food and beverages. So many of them, that you could seriously be spoiled for choices!
Jonker Street at Melaka

One which caught my attention is the fruits candy. A few fruits such as grapes and berries are being skewered together before they were dipped into the sugar syrup. I have yet to try though, because certain thing might not taste as good as they looked.
Fruits coated with sugar syrup

As you walk deeper into the Jonker Walk, you will come across a stall which sells Popiah. The stall is currently being run by an uncle and his son.
Popiah stall

Consisted mainly of turnip and a mixture of ingredients such as bean curd, bean sprouts and cabbage, they are rolled over together on a popiah skin to form Popiah. Preparing this dish is not an easy task as it required a lot of efforts and skills.
Main ingredients of Popiah

Popiah at Jonker Street
What make the Jonker Street Popiah famous is the inclusion of pork lard in the ingredients. The pork lards does not only add extra fragrance but it provide some extra chew as well. The Popiah is nicely wrapped and the sogginess level is just nice. Clearly has what it takes to be the famous Popiah of Jonker Street.

Next, we had to slow down our pace walking down the Jonker Street because there were a small crowd gathering by a stall. Being curious, we joined in the crowd and later we found out that there were waiting for their Apom (pan cake) with fillings.
Apom with fillings

There were a range of fillings being offered by the stall. It even has the king of all fruit flavour, the Durian!
What's your flavour?

I ordered a Chocolate and Durian Apom (pancake). Roughly after 5 minutes of wait, my Apoms were ready!
Chocolate and Durian Apoms
The Apoms offered a mild crisp on the outisde. My first bite unfold the sweetness and the buttery flavour on my tongue and quickly followed by the generous aromatic fillings of the chocoloate. The same goes with the Durian Apoms which offered a stronger aroma. Pure bliss!

Being a Bak Chang fan, I could not resist myself from getting some of them from a stall.
Bak Chang

Bak Chang at Jonker Street
Lacking in flavour and very oily. Consisted a lot of seasoning powder as well. A fail Bak Chang.

If Petaling Street has their renowned Longan Winter Melon drink, Jonker Street has their very renowned drink as well. Named the Longan Guilingao (herbal jelly), it is the answer for those thirsty soul to quench their thirst.
Longan Herbal Jelly
Refreshing and cold! What a way to cool yourself down after a sweaty walk down the Jonker Street.

I'd always prefer to have my meal on a ceramic bowl because somehow they tend to make my food taste nicer . It was a nice feeling to be able to spot some of the stalls selling this type of ceramic bowls along the Jonker Street.
Chicken Brand ceramic bowls

Mum busy getting something?

As we were approaching towards the other end of Jonker Walk, we came across this stall which sells Dim Sum in a large quantity.
Dim Sum stall at Jonker Street

If I had recall properly, there were more than 10 types of steamed Dim Sum being offered at this hawker stall.
Tiny little Dim Sums
The steamed dim sums were a let down. Due to the bulk cooking, some were still uncooked and tasted cold. Terrible is the word!

Being so near to Muar, it is no surprise that there were stalls selling Otak-Otak.
Otak-otak at Jonker Street

There are plenty of otak-otak in the walk. However, I was not really happy with the Otak-otak that I bought at the main street of Jonker Walk.
Otak-otak at main street of Jonker Walk
The Otak-otak tasted flat, and was lacking in flavour. You should buy them at the stall located at the 2nd street of Jonker Walk, beside the demolished singing stage.

Night scene of Jonker Walk

After spending near to an hour and half, we reached the other end of the Jonker Walk. There used to be a stage here, where you can see some old folks showcasing their singing talent. However, during our time of visit, the stage has been demolished. Wondering is it undergoing a major revamp.
The demolished singing stage

The far end of the Jonker Street, the stage side

You will definitely enjoy strolling down the Jonker Street if you are a fan of night bazaar shopping. However, do prepare to get a little bit sticky due to the high humidity level of the Malacca weather.

Atmosphere: 3/10

Food: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: Popiah, Apoms (pancakes) and Otak-otak were the only food that are worth mentioning.

Jonker Street, Melaka
GPS Coordinates: N2.19815 E102.24472

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