Friday, May 14, 2010

Hameed Pata Mee Goreng @ Jalan Padang Kota Lama, Esplanade, Penang

On my previous trip to Penang just before I headed back to Kuala Lumpur, I was brought by Phooi Khuan to enjoy a scrumptious plate of mee goreng located at Fort Cornwallis. Whilst some of Penangites may refer it to as Esplanade or even Padang Kota Lama, most of them will agree that the stall serves one of the best mee goreng in Penang or maybe in Malaysia.

One will need to passed by the seaside to reached the food court. If you could find a parking lot, just park your car like the Penangites, parking by the sea. Then walk towards the Esplanade where you will see a food court.
Esplanade overseeing the sea

The mee goreng stall is actually located in the food court which lies deep in the Esplanade. It is hard to miss the food court, with the infamous Fort Cornwallis as the landmark right beside it.
The Medan Selera

The place is crowded especially during the lunch time. Whilst they do served other food, however you could see that nearly all the table will have at least a plate of mee goreng.
Hameed Pata Special Mee at Fort Cornwallis

A check at the stall showed that the orders are non stop coming from the on going customers. I was even told that at times the wait for the mee goreng will stretch up to 30 minutes. The operating hours of the stall are from 12pm up to 8pm.
Operating on a hawker basis

On my previous visit, I was lucky I supposed, or maybe it was during the weekdays. My plate of mee goreng was served to me after barely 10 minutes of wait.
Mee Goreng (RM 4)
It already looked delicious to me even before my first bite. And my first bite, it makes me go 00h-la-la. The noodle is bursting with flavour, with the aromatic charred smell, spiciness and sweetness greeting your taste bud. The noodles texture were perfect too, neither too soggy or hard, just like how a good mee goreng should be. Apart from that, the mee goreng is generously topped off with sambal squids too, providing the extra chew and gravy to your noodles. However, for those who does not have a spicy tongue will find the mee goreng extremely spicy.

And for those who prefer the less spicy version just like my friend, you can actually opt to go without the chili paste in your noodle.
Less spicy version Mee Goreng (RM 4)

Your tongue might feel like burning now. Don't worry, as the food court do offer ice shaved dessert to sooth your tongue.
ABC Special (RM 2.50)
Nothing great, just did it job

Just when we headed to get our car, we bumped into our ex Tarcians course mates. Apparently, they traveled all the way from the Butterworth mainland just for the mee goreng during their lunch time. It further proved that the mee goreng was that good and well accepted by the rest!
Old time course mates!=)

The mee goreng taste was still fresh in my head. None of the mee goreng I've tried tasted as great or even close to it. None of the noodles were wasted, it tasted good right till the last strip of it. Talk about fantabulous mee goreng, and this has to be the one!

Mee Goreng: 8.5/10

Atmosphere: 4.5/10

Price: 8/10
Verdict: My bestest mee goreng ever!

Hameed Pata Special Mee
Padang Kota Lama Food Court (next to Fort Cornwallis)
Jalan Padang Kota Lama
10200, Georgetown

Business hours: 12pm -8pm

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  1. Darn..u're making me crave for the mee goreng now! I havent had it in years. How much I miss the taste of it! DROOLS la. Hungry now.


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