Monday, May 3, 2010

Famous Teochew Cendol @ Penang Road

Talk about the hot weather of our country, we always associate it with chilly stuff to cool our body down. Desserts are great to be eaten on its own but even better if it was served cold especially when the hot weather strikes in. We may have a difference preference for choice of cold desserts. But, not many people will disagree that cendol remained as one of the top favourite desserts among Malaysians.

Located by the alley, off the busy Penang Road and beside the Joo Hooi coffee shop, this cendol stall has been chilling the Penangites for years. The stall was named Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol and there is no reason as why not to agree with it. Don't be confused with another stall as there is a competitor stall mimicking the cendol under the same name. The genuine stall are usually packed and it is safe to follow the crowd.
The original

I was being introduced to this stall by Iris back during my college time, 5 years ago. After that, I never missed out this cendol whenever I visited Penang. And each time I patronized this stall, the crowd were just as huge as my first visit with people queuing up and ordering cendols.
Crowded especially during the weekends

Obviously, they need a sizeable workers to accommodate the huge orders from the crowd. For this, they have at least 6 workers working like a machine at this little stall.
Workers work like a machine

Even though the crowd were huge, the cendol was being served almost instantly. There are no forgotten orders and this has remained the same throughout the years.
The Penang Road famous Cendol (RM 1.80)
So here we have a bowl of cendol that comes with the kidney read beans. The cocunut milk was not thick but enough to provide the fragrance to the cendols and were perfectly sweetened with the gula melaka. The cendols were soft and silky smooth. They come in a very generous servings and you will find it hard not to have any cendols lingering in your mouth upon each scoop.

Since Penangites are very realistic especially when it comes to food, the existence of this stall for many years proved that it indeed lived up to its billing as the famous and best Penang Road cendol.
Still popuplar with the crowds

I have been here numerous times, even introducing them to my friends and families. And yes, even my mum that do not fancies sweet stuff, gives a two thumbs up to this cendol. It was that good!

Atmosphere: Eat by the roadside or dine in their newly setup shop
Taste: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10
Verdict: Gotta be my all time favourite cendol!

Location: At the alley off Penang Road, beside the Joo Hooi Coffee Shop. This cendol stall is hard to be missed and you could spot a stall selling Asam Laksa right beside it.

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