Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jonker 88 Desserts @ Jonker Street, Melaka

When one travel to Melaka, one should not missed out the ice shaved desserts that are sweetened with Gula Melaka. Gula Melaka which literally means Malaccan sugar, are brown in colour, rich in taste and offer a very aromatic tasting experience.

Located at along the famous street of Jonker Street, Jonker 88 Desserts stall is hard to be missed out. During the afternoon and especially on the weekends, you could see people flocking in to queue up for their share of desserts. At times the queue could stretch up to the walkway of the Jonker Street.
Jonker 88 specialty dessert menu

I recalled that I have never missed out this stall whenever I visited Malacca. It is like a "must-to-do" thing in Malacca.
A very antique layout stall

Some calligraphy posters

The stall operates on a self-service basis where you order it from the counter and bringing it yourself to your table. It is advisable to get someone to look for a table first before ordering to avoid disappointment of not getting a table later on.
Baba Chendol (RM 2)
A small serving of ice shaved desserts that comes with green jelly (cendol), hint of cocunut milk and heavily drizzled with Gula Melaka.

Baba Durian Chendol (RM 3)
The same version of the Baba Chendol, but this is topped off with some Durian fruit. Fancy the aroma of the King of the fruit? Then this might well be your bowl of dessert.

E. P. C. Eight Precious Chendol (RM 3)
The name itself is bombastic. I supposed it comes in 8 different ingredients, hence the name given. Main essential ingredients of Chendol are remained but it comes with the nutmeg fruit. This is my all time favourite bowl of dessert here.

Mango Ice Kacang (RM 3)
A bowl of ice shaved dessert that come with groundnuts and topped with mango fruit before the heavy drizzling of syrup and Gula Melaka. I particularly like the tanginess of the mango which add some extra "kick" to the dessert.

Sago Chendol (RM 3)
The most bland of all the desserts. The sago did not provide any extra aroma but merely some extra chew. Not my bowl of dessert.

Our collection of desserts for the day

What make the desserts stand out is actually the presence of the heaving drizzling of aromatic Gula Melaka. Apart from that, the ice shaved desserts were pretty normal with some modified toppings. Whilst some may like the thickness syrup of the Gula Melaka, some might find them too sweet. As for me, I find the Jonker 88 desserts was alright, but not my best preference bowl of an iced shaved desserts.

Atmosphere: 4.5/10
Food: 6.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Verdict: A unique aroma of ice shaved desserts thanks to the heavy drizzling of Gula Melaka. Great for those who had a very sweet tooth.

Location: The stall is located at the shop lot along Jonker Street. You could see a huge crowd queuing up for the desserts and the laksa as well.

Jonker Dessert 88 (Museum Cafe)
88, Jonker Walk


  1. Gotta love the sweet Gula Melaka!

  2. Hi there..1st time see ur blog..nice entry and love ur pics too.visit me if free huh..;)

  3. py: ya, gula melaka is goodie esp for cold dessets..hehe

    suhai:thanks, will do..


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