Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

It was exactly half past eight in the evening when me and Michael was lingering in the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. We were yet to have our dinner, and I asked Michael a simple question, "Are you hungry?". And his reply was "Yes, I'm very hungry".

As we walked out from the elevator near the skating rink, I could already smell the fragrance of the pizza coming from Pizza Hut. Seriously, it is hard to resist the aroma of the pizza, what's more when you are having a hungry stomach. I knew at this time I wanted Pizza Hut as my dinner so badly but obviously I need to respect Michael decision as well. So I asked Michael whether is he alright with the idea, and much to my delight, he agreed with it.
Pizza Hut Restaurant

I was aware of the newly launched Fish King Pizza by Pizza Hut earlier this month. It is no surprise that we were being presented to the leaflet of the Fish King Pizza upon getting the menu. I'd already had in mind that I wanted to try their Fish King Pizza even before being presented to the leaflet. And the inviting Fish King Pizza leaflet, just confirmed our choice of pizza for the day!
Big on Fish, Bigger on Value

Since, there were only two of us, we opted for the Fish King Set 1 which comes with one regluar Fish King Pizza, two soup-of-the-day, four pieces of garlic breadstix and two glasses of Pepsi drink.
Fish King Set 1

We were told that the Fish King Pizza needed a preparation of 17 minutes before it is ready. The soup-of-the-day were served almost instantly after our order. A good appetizer to aid our hungry stomach while waiting for the Fish King Pizza.
Soup-of-the- day, Mushroom Chicken soup

The garlic breadstix is great especially when being dipped into the soup, just like I'd always love to do when dining at Pizza Hut.
Garlic Breadstix

Pepsi drink

Approximately after 17 minutes, I could see the waiter topping off the Fish King Pizza with a slice of lemon at the pizza counter. I was hoping that the Fish King Pizza is ours and Yes!, it was indeed being served to our table. Time for some feast now!
Fish King Pizza

My eye was being caught by the fairly huge fish fingers. A closer look at it showed that it was actually bigger than the size of my index fingers. It is no exaggeration that the size of a fish finger equals to two of my index fingers being stacked together.
Fish Finger
For those that are not aware, these fish fingers were actually made from the specially-imported Alaskan Pollock fish which has milder taste, whiter colour and lower oil content compared to the typical Pollock fish.

Counting fingers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. We have SIX Alaskan Pollock fish fingers on our regular size of Fish King Pizza. The fish fingers were so tempting that I wanted to have them all by myself. But since young, mum has always taught me that sharing is caring. So, 3 sticks each for the both of us.
The fish fingers that are "begging" you to eat them!

After much attention on the fish fingers, it is time to look at the other ingredients used as the topping of Fish King Pizza. A closer look showed the topping consisted of crabsticks, capsicums, yellow onions, pineapples and the Mozzarella Cheese.
Cheesy weezy Fish King Pizza
This is what you get from a Fish King Pizza that came fresh from the oven. Can you see the dripping of the melting cheese?

Ask yourself, "How often do you consume fish?". What's more, when we are talking about Alaskan Pollock Fish. And I'm going to have my very first bite on the Fish King Pizza!
Fish King Pizza feast

My first bite resulted in a very cheesy experience. Very much to my liking the pizza is topped off with so much Mozarella cheese. As I had a larger bite, I could actually taste the tanginess of the sauce which I believed is their cool lime mayo sauce, tasted like the tartar sauce. The topping very much resemble the taste of the Island Supreme. But as you continue feasting in the Fish King Pizza, you will come across the juicy pineapple and this is when it gave you a thought that you were maybe having a Hawaiian Supreme.

A fan of Pizza Hut as always, my all time favourite are the Hawaiian Supreme and the Island Supreme. Thus, it is not a tough task for me identifying and having the memorable taste of these two flavours. Never in my wildest dream that I'd be able to taste my all time two favourite flavours in a pizza, the Fish King Pizza! Man, this is just awesomely delicious!
Cheesy experience with the Fish King Pizza

Maybe you might not be craving for pizza during you next visit. But do make sure that you "steal" a stick of the Alaskan Pollock fish fingers off the Fish King Pizza. After all, this is what Fish King Pizza is all about.
Do not missed out the Alaskan Pollock fish fingers!

The Alaskan Pollock fish fingers consisted of actual real Alaskan Pollock fish meat. We are not talking about the typical processed fish fingers. Now this is what we called feasting in a delicious protein meal!
The real Alaskan Pollock fish meat

The breaded fish fingers offered a mild crisp on the outside. The Alaskan Pollock fish meat within meanwhile were so tender and soft. The silky smooth and the juiciness of the fish meat very much resembles the feeling of having freshly steamed fish meat. Best of all, it is boneless!
Tender on the inside, and crispy on the outside

Our bill came to RM 32.20 which inclusive of service and government charges. I supposed it is very reasonable acknowledging the fact that the set fills up our big hungry stomach satisfyingly! Not forgetting to mention that, it was a meal that full with protein thanks to the awesomely delicious Alaskan Pollock fish fingers. I'd definitely be back real soon for a larger share of the Fish King Pizza!

Freshness is guaranteed. Any fresher you got to travel to Alaska and catch the Pollock fish yourself!

So hurry to your nearest favourite Pizza Hut outlet to get your share before the catch runs out!

Atmosphere: 6.5/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 6.5/10
Verdict: Can't wait for my next Fish King Pizza experience!

Pizza Hut Sunway Pyramid
LG 2.40, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7492 2551


  1. Just look at the cheese and fish sticks! YUMMMM. Cant wait to try this pizza!

  2. Yes ... it is very yummy!
    Being not a pizzah fan, I liked it!


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