Thursday, April 29, 2010

Restoran First Famous Federal, Char Siew @ Lorong Susu, Penang

While undoubtedly Penang are famous for it's hawker food, many would not know that there were a few places that are famous for their roasted meat rice. One of the stall that is famous for this is located at the alley of Lorong Susu, off Mcallister Road.

After the hiking day out, Phooi Khuan and I was so hungry that we decided to pamper ourselves with a heavy lunch For this reason, it is time for my revisit to this stall that is famous for it's roasted pork, Char Siew.

This would be my second time visiting this stall. My first time dated back in last year December when my parents did heard about this stall from my uncle. I supposed most of the Penangites should know the existence of this stall. Most of my Penang friends were aware of this stall as well. Phooi Khuan did told me that this stall has existed for decades and the current operator was actually the son of the previous owner.

There were roasted duck, roasted chicken, Siew Yuk, Char Siew and even steamed chicken to choose from. Since there were only two of us, we chose the famous Char Siew and the roasted chicken.
Roasted Chicken and Char Siew
The Char Siew werestill as good as my first visit even though it was a little bit burned out. The Char Siew was full with flavour thanks to the well marination. The meat were juicy and lean , exactly the way a good Char Siew should be. Meanwhile, the roasted chicken was rather very average.

Sauces for extra dip
They have a few sauces namely the sauce for the Char Siew and roasted chicken respective. The sauces were of nothing brilliant and I suppose it lacks a little flavour. Sames goes for the chili sauce.

Specialty Chicken Rice
This is not a plate or ordinary rice. The rice was flavoured resembling the taste of a Hainanese chicken rice. It was aromatic and not oily as opposed to those typical margarine chicken rice in Kuala Lumpur. It went so well with the roasted meat.

Preserved Vegetable Soup
This is a bomb! The soup comes as a complimentary. Sour and spicy were the main flavour of the soup. It was so addictive that I could not resist myself but finishing up a noodle bowl of it. Fancy sour stuff, or need something to open your appetite? This will be your answer.

I did commented to the lady boss that our plate of Char Siew was a little burned out on that day. Instead of getting a typical explanation from other stall operators, she just walked away and came back with a new plate of Char Siew. I liked! This is the way a person should conduct a business.
New plate of Char Siew

The total bill came to RM 15 which included two plate of rice. I reckon the price was very reasonable taking into the fact that the portion of the servings were huge. Adding on, the complimentary soup is refillable at no extra charges.

Atmosphere: 5/10
Food: 7/10 (non-halal)
Price: 6.5/10
Verdict: The Char Siew and the soup were the bomb!

Restoran First Famous Federal
No, Lorong Susu
Off Jalan Mccalister
Tel: 016 -4545 847 (Mr Eddie)

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