Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aesthetics Magazine Launch @ The Opera [28th Jan 2010]

There was event happening at the Opera again barely after a month of it's soft launch. This time round, it was the launching of the Aes.thet.ics magazine. Free flow of drinks and foods were served from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.

The magazine cover was really aesthetic, living up to the name of the magazine itself. Happenings in the town, lifestyle, fashion to beauty products were the main content of the magazine. It is no surprise that the targeted readers of the magazine was meant for the teenagers to young adults. Best of all, it is FREE!
The aes-thet-ics Magazine

Just like the previous soft launch, we needed to text our information and showed the reply code to the bouncer to gain entry to the event.
Time to SMS

Wern Ching jie, Michael and I reached there as early as 8pm. And with the usual practice of typical Malaysian, the arena was still quite empty.
Crowd has yet to turn up

There were many waiter walking around, serving bottomless drinks to the crowds. We grabbed a few extra drinks for our friends which has yet to turn up.
Whiskey, Vodka and Rum were served for the night

There were food being served too by the waiter, but I would rather callled them snacks.
Biscuits with condiments

About half an hour later, Hock Beng arrived and shortly they were a circus acrobatic show performed by a Chinese gymnast.
Now, this is called flexibility

Cheers man!

Some radio Dee-Jays invited to grace the event

By 9pm, the crowds were getting larger and you could sense the atmosphere was heating up and amplified with noises.
It's getting crowded

Some invited Radio DJs to grace the event

The only guys for the night

The Khottal Band

Ever wondered what was the purpose of the bed earlier on?
Model of the Magazine

Something funny struck them?

Promoting the magazine with Ching Jie

The only female in our group for the night
Don't you think you were lucky jie? Haha.

We lingered till 10.30pm before we went for supper at the nearby Ming Tien stall. We didn't really drink much even though they were plenty of drinks catered to us.
The Fantabulous Four

One thing for sure, the free copy of the magazine was worth reading if you are a person that would like to keep track of the happenings in the town. Be sure to grab your free copy the next time you are in any club or lounge.

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