Friday, March 12, 2010

Pulau Ketam Vacation Day 2 [24th Jan 2010]

I barely sleep as the air-condition in the room was too cold as I was facing directly the air-condition unit. My watch was showing 6.30am by the time I take a peek outside the balcony. The surrounding started to brighten up and I could see the sun rising from a far. I quickly grab my camera and went outside to capture the breathtaking view. I did tried to wake Chee up, but unfortunately he said he was too tired for shooting.

The tide was low when the Sun was rising

Two boats facing off under the rising Sun of Pulau Ketam

When it was 7.15am

Good morning Pulau Ketam!

Went back to the hotel to wake Hock Beng up for breakfast. Mei Kheng did joined along too, keeping her previous night promise while the rest were still continuing their beauty sleep.

And on our way heading for breakfast, this is what we saw.
Another "prestige" project of Malaysian

It took us 5 minutes of walk before reaching the central region of the Pulau Ketam where you see stretches of shops on both sides.
The business park of Pulau Ketam

Fishing, the main industry of Pulau Ketam

We headed back to the hotel after the breakfast. The rest had woke up by now. I did some light packing before we went to rent some bicycles to cycle around Pulau Ketam.

Getting ready for rouding Pulau Ketam

Our first stop was the famous temple of Pulau Ketam. I suppose it was the biggest and the prettiest temple in the village.

Time to be holy=)

We did some praying here before we went up to the highest floor of the temple to have an aerial view of Pulau Ketam. However, the view was disappointing though.
The statue on the roof of the temple

Endless stretch of atap house

We continued cycling towards the deeper of Jalan Satu and after 5 minutes, we came across a jetty.
Fishing boats were like the "car" in Pulau Ketam

Admiring the calm water of the bank

Did they spotted something?

Yes, it was those snails and "treasures"

The way heading to the deep sea

We certainly enjoyed chatting by the jetty =)

Amenities for the local spotted while cycling around
I suppose the Maybank was the only "floating" bank in Malaysia.

The last place I stopped before returning the bicycle

The panoramic view of west Pulau Ketam

What doing us while we were on the bicycle

It was 12.30pm when we called it a day for cycling. We went back to the hotel for washing up and did some packing before continuing the day with a visit to a fishing village where they rear commercial fishes. It costs us RM 15 per person which includes the boat return and a tour guide.

The boat was supposed to pick us up at 2pm, however, there was a delay and by the time it reached us it was near to 2.30pm.
Boarding on the boat

With the juniors

Heading to the Green Way Fishing Village

It only takes about 20 minutes and we reached the Green Way Fishing Village.
The place where the commercial fishes were rear

The tour guide was very nice to us as he explained a lot to us including answering lots of queries from me. You know, I'm a very curious person and I seriously did ask him a lot of questions. Thankfully, he was a patience guy and answered each of them slowly and descriptively=)

Some of the many type of commercial fishes

We were told that some of the fishes took more than a year to breed and rear before finally ready to be exported to the market. No wonder some of the fish prices were sky rocket high. It makes me appreciate fish more after this, that able to consume them were indeed a blessing.

Baby Grouper

Just happened that we bumped into the timing of a fishing net trap that needed to be change. The tour guide told us that careful measures needed to be taken when changing the nets as it could costs thousands bucks of losses if the fish fled away.

Members of GreenWay Fishing Village Visit

We stayed at the fishing village for about 40 minutes before headed to another area of village that consists of water chalets where people can overnight for fishing activities or merely relaxation.

Water Chalets

Any potential to be a fisherman?=P

It was after 4pm by the time we reached Pulau Ketam. We went to collect our luggage at the hotel reception before boarding the wrong boat return to Port Klang. What I mean wrong here was, the boat was open air, it moves way slower and it brings us rounding around the Pulau Ketam shore before heading back to Port Klang. The worst part was to encounter with the "shiok sendiri" tour guide auntie that keep singing/shouting with the microphone. Man, can you imgine?
Passed by another swamp area

Fishing here must be fun

Battle cruiser?

We reached the Port Klang Jetty after near to 90 minutes on the boat. Thank God, the boat did not bring us rounding somewhere else. It felt good to step on the earth again after "floating" for more than 24 hours.

The trip was nonetheless fun even though this is my third time being there. After all, I suppose it's the company that matters the most. I guess it will be a long time before my next visit to Pulau Ketam! See you again somewhere in the future.


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