Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ming Tien Stall @ Sunway Metro

This Ming Tien stall has existed since my secondary time. I remembered this is the usual place where we hang out with my secondary mates, sitting from night to the early morning and the height of our stacked up glasses of Chinese Tea usually went beyond our head. Since we graduated from the high school, we have rarely came here.

Anyway, on occasionally if we happened to came out from a club and lazy to drive further to sober up, this would be our place for some food and beverages, just like after the Aesthetics Magazine Launch.

Fried Loh Pak Ko (RM 4)
It tasted terrible. The Loh Pak Ko was near to tasteless and it was cold. I suppose the Loh Pak Ko cubes was pre-cooked thoroughly before being fried together with the bean sprout when orders came in.

Fried Thai Bee Hun (RM 4.50)
Michael ordered this food. It was good, well flavoured and full with wok-hei. Best it comes with the sambal sauce that very well suited to my taste. If I were to choose, this gotta be my pick for the night.

I recalled I will at least eat a plate of Sarawak Kan-Pua Mee in a week. Those days, I remembered it was an Auntie from Sarawak that prepares it. It's been quite some time since I last saw her and it was then being prepared by those foreign workers.

Sarawak Kan-Pua Mee (RM 4.50)
The noodles were flavoured and it comes with slices of Char Siew and minced pork. I find the taste deteriorated as compared to the Sarawak Auntie that prepares it. It was decent though but the noodles were a little too soggy and dry. Still the Sarawak Auntie prepares it the best!

Fish ball in soup
The Sarawak Mee comes with a bowl of soup that consists of 2 fish balls.

I used to frequent this Ming Tien stall very often last time because their food was quite good back then. As for now, I could count with one hand on how many times I frequented this stall in a year for the past 5 years.

Fried Loh Pak Ko: 3/10
Fried Thai Bee Hun: 6/10
Sarawak Kan-Pua Mee: 5/10

Atmosphere: 5.5/10

Price: 6/10
Verdict: Only if there is no choice, then this stall will be my option. Else, I prefer driving a little further for more decent food.

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