Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oblong Burger @ Ramley Stall

A month ago while I was visiting a Ramley stall for a Ramley Burger, I came across an advertisement about a new burger which is called "Oblong". Since, it has always crossed my mind, and I finally decided to give it a try on a night after my chilling session.
I'm not sure on the availability of this burger at every Ramley stall. Fortunately, the one very near to my place did offer this product. Being curious, I did ask them, how does that burger look like. The burger-men told me that it does look like Mcdonald's Prosperity Burger but taste better. Wow, it makes me even more excited while waiting!
Oblong Burger

The Oblong burger came with a choice of beef or chicken patty. I chose the chicken since I can't consume beef.
The burger came with a long chicken patty, slices of onions and cucumbers. It was then soaked in the Oblong sauce which is a little sweet with very light hint of spiciness. I prefer the sauce to be a bit spicy though, but I thought it was good for those without the "chili tongue".

The juicy and succulent chicken patty
The meat patty was alright but the bun was way too soft. The bun got soggy too fast and making it almost impossible to hold the burger in tact.

The Oblong burger was very fillings. It definitely fills my stomach more than the ordinary Ramley Burger. At RM 3 for a Oblong, it does qualified as a decent roadside burger that regarded as one of the cheap, nice and decent food. And now you know why I just love roadside stall burger!

Burger: 5.5/10
Price: 7/10
Verdict: Definitely a burger that is worth trying!

Location: Any roadside Ramley burger stall

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