Friday, March 19, 2010

Thai Thai Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

It was on a Sunday afternoon, as Nai Shan and Mei Mei just finished their class. Our initial plan were to catch a movie called, Case 39, a movie that was real spooky and freaky, spinning down to your veins.

We had an hour to spare before the movie start. We were brainstorming on what we should had for lunch, and with Nai Shan craving for some spicy and exotic food, I reckon it was good to pay this Thai Thai Restaurant a visit.

I remembered coming here once with Wern Ching, Becky and Isky few years ago for some Thai buffet dinner. I can't recall whether was it the same restaurant, but one thing for sure, the location is still the same. Perhaps they have changed management, hence the refurbishment.
The ambiance was great!

Time to order some food, and a bowl of Tom Yam Bee Hun would be great to satisfy Nai Shan's craving for spicy food.
Tom Yam Bee Hun (RM 16)
The tom yam soup was thick. It was very tangy and the spiciness is at it's peak! Way exotic to open up an appetite of someone. However, I find the soup was lacking in something, the sweetness of it. Not my preferred tom yum though, but if you love extra tangy and spicy stuff, this might be the right one for you.

Thai Style Stir Fried Flat Noodles (RM 16)
I realized Mei Mei always order this delicacy when she patronized a Thai restaurant. Anyway, the flat noodles tasted awful. The bean sprout was raw, the whole plate was lacking in flavour and it was too sweet to my likings. Talk about "wok 'hei", this plate has none!

And for the desserts,
Water Chestnut in Syrup (RM6.90)
I find it was a little too diluted. Would prefer the coconut milk to be thicker though. The portion of the chestnut was stingy too. At it's price, it should come in a more generous portion. Still, Johnny's Restaurant prepared this better!

Special Thai Thai ABC (RM 6.90)
From the outlook of it, it doesn't really look like an ABC, but more to a modified version of water chestnut dessert. How special can it be? I did not try this but Mei Mei reckon it was alright.

The 3 of us
Do they look alike?

The bill came to a total of about RM 56.95. I did not order any food because I had my late heavy breakfast. But from the taxing of their food, it does not deserve my second visit for their food.

Tom Yam Bee Hun: 5/10
Thai Style Stir Fried Flat Noodles: 3/10
Water Chestnut in Syrup: 5/10
Thailand ABC: 5/10 (as per Mei Meis')

Atmosphere: 7/10
Verdict: Way too expensive for a very average taste of Thai food!

Thai Thai Restaurant
OB.1D, Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 03-7491 9428

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