Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baskin Robbins @ Sunway Pyramid [31st Jan 2010]

Had always wanted to have a big tub of Baskin Robbin ice cream when ever passed by their booth. And each time I refrained myself from doing so, because the thought that I can get it at a cheaper price on certain dates and obviously a promise that I had made.

This time round, it was on the 31st of January, which means there will be a 31 % discount off from the normal price of ice cream that you usually pay. A perfect time to get a pint to sweeten our taste bud.

The queue was unsurprisingly long, but thankfully I did not have to wait long. Credits must be given for their very organized way of handling a bunch of huge customers. There were 2 flavours to choose from for my pint, and I chose the Strawberry and Mad In Chocololate.
31 on Baskin Robbin
A pint of this size would cost RM 25.50 at normal price. But it cost only RM 17.60 after the 31 % discount, applicable on every 31st.

Man, I can't wait to gulp them!

After numerous scoops, the chocolate flavour is finally visible as it was right at the bottom.
Strawberry and Chocolate, what a perfect mix!
Ice cream were smooth and the sweetness was perfect for my likings. Best of all, it involved my favourite strawberry. Taste way too s-e-x-y.

Drowned in Baskin Robbin

I would consider ourselves were lucky enough to be able to had the ice cream on this particular date as there were only 7 days in a year that consist of 31st. It was extra special, particularly because it was the very first 31st of the year and after my long wait for the tub of the ice cream. Finally, the dream comes true=)

Well, since money were hard to be earned, I believe our money should work harder for us. Hence, be sure to get your value for money ice cream when the next 31st strikes.

Cafe Baskin Robbins Sunway
Lot G1.121 (A), Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid

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