Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Royak Oak @ Jaya One [5th Feb 2010]

A Friday night it was, a week before the Chinese New Year! Received a text from Michael asking whether was I free for some drinks at Jaya One. I told him it was alright for me as long as I have transport going there since my new car have yet to ready.

Michael told me that I can follow Hock Beng's car since he will be joining the session too, with a friend of his. Oh, I was thinking at that time, who was that, really am very curious. I texted him, and he said he will give me a lift.

Kilkenny is the drink!
Our favourite drink at Royak Oak. At only RM 50 nett for 3 pints, it seriously keep you asking for more!

A pint and a perfect pint of Kilkenny

Some finger foods during the drinking session.
French Fries
The fries were no doubt very fresh and very addictive. But at it's price of RM 9++ per basket, I find it very pricey though.

The man responsible for dragging me out

So, the friend of his was actually Janice. It has been more than 3 years since I last saw her at Kuantan. I knew her way back then during my college time through Hock Beng. She still look pretty much the same though. And just when we thought whether will we bumped into some familiar faces, June appeared. Well, not surprising since this is her usual chilling place.
In the name of TARCians
Accounts vs Business vs Computer Science

It was a great catching up session. We lingered around till about 2am before we went to have our late supper at Kuchai Lama. Do keep in touch mates before our next get-together!=)

By far one a good place to unwind with some drinks at a very reasonable price.

Royal Oak
Block D, Unit 11
Level G, Phase 1
Jaya One
603 - 7960 0464

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