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Restoran Familiar Faces Nyonya Food & Noodle House, Sri Petaling @ Day 3 CNY [16th Feb 2010]

The third day of the tiger year continued with eating marathon. It started with a relatives visiting at Sri Petaling first before heading to the shop for some Nyonya-styled dinner. Honestly, we were not sure of what we were going to have for our dinner until our dish came.

This was my second time being here. On my previous visit last year, their Nyonya cum Thai style food was great enough to leave me a memory and I was expecting an equally tasty dinner, if not better.

Until we were seated down, I was told that we will be having some course dinner. It started with the typical starter of every Chinese New Year dish, Yee Sang.
Toss for a better year, for everyone of us
The Salmon Yee Sang was a shame though as the salmon slices were way too thin. The thickness of the salmon can be compared to the thickness of 2 A4 papers stacked together, can you imagine that?

The next course, comes the Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat.
Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat
The soup was great. It was not starchy, and its comes in a very generous serving of shark's fin and crab meat that I could taste the presence of the shark fin's on almost every scoop of the soup. Definitely, one of the best shark fin's soup I have indulged for quite some time.

Nyonya Style Steamed Dragon Grouper
Sauce was a little spicy and have a strong hint of daun kunyit. It tasted decent but the grouper freshness was not up to the mark, hence this style of preparation.

Deep Fried Prawn Skewer
Prawn was coated with flour and deep fried. It was then drizzled with mayonnaise. The freshness was again the issue as the prawn meat was soft. It makes me wondered at the time, am I eating a tau foo or prawn?

Nestum Fried Chicken
The chicken was coated with curry powder and flour before being deep fried. It was heavily drizzled with Nestum and spicy dried shrimps. Those combination resulted to a very salty and a weird taste of chicken preparation. More to pathetic than majestic.

Nestum Fried Chicken
Nestum and spicy dried shrimps just doesn't blends well.

Sauteed Mushrooms with Gluten

Cantonese Style Fried Rice
The fried rice was decent but lacks a little 'wok hei'.

The final 2 courses were the desserts. As usual, it comes with a pan cake and a bowl of soup dessert.
Red Bean Pan Cake

Sea Cocunut Dessert
Very ordinary dessert. Just sliced some sea cocunut and mixed them with some jelly and a can of longan and there you are with this dessert. Would have been better if they served Honey Dew Sago dessert.

The set course for the dinner costed Rm 298. The price was very decent I suppose, but the taste was not up to the mark. In the end, only the Shark Fin's Soup were worth mentioning whilst others were either ordinary or forgettable.

After the dinner, I headed to The Opera Club for some booze with my secondary friends which include the familiar suspects of Opera like Kim Kheng and Kenny. It was near to 3am by the time I reached home, and I was too tired for some house visiting session. I did what should I do that was to head to the bed before continuing the celebration on the 4th day of the Tiger year.

Atmosphere: 6/10
Food: 4/10
Price: 7/10
Verdict: The ala-carte selection definitely tasted much more superior than the set. No more courses meal!

Restoran Familiar Faces (Nyonya Food and Noodle House)
37, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Sri Petaling
Tel: 012-2954483

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