Monday, March 22, 2010

Fried Chicken & Sushi @ Jusco Sunway Pyramid

I have always liked Jusco as one of my preferred shopping outlet for groceries. Apart from that, their food and beverages corner appeals to me too. But the most appealing part were the discounts given after 8pm, particularly to clear the left over for the night. Discounts were huge, ranging from 20% - 30% of normal price.

There was a corner selling those fried stuff. Sometimes when I'm in Jusco at the particular time, I will do some searching to look for some bargains for my favourite fried stuff.
30 % discount off normal price

Fried Chicken
RM 1.26 for 2 chicken thighs after discount. Isn't this very cheap? The taste obviously were not that great, but where can you get it as cheap as this.

Another Jusco corner that I'd always pay a visit to was the Sushi Corner.
20 % discount after 9pm

A platter of mixed Sushi
Consists of temaki roll, maki and some other sushi. They were still very fresh and for the price of RM 6.30 after the discount, it make this platter irresistible when I'm in Jusco during the discount time.

My favourite sushi at Jusco Sushi
Tuna and Salmon sandwich fillings (RM 0.96 each after 20 % discount) are always my automatic choice. The sashimi salmon (RM 1.20 each after 20 % discount) are in my pick as well, only if they are still available because it sells like hot cakes during the discount time.

Well, these are the food that I usually get myself into when I'm alone and when doing some groceries shopping at Jusco. At less than RM 10, it easily fills up my stomach and satisfies my craving for sushi and fried stuff. Don't you just love decent food at a discounted reasonable price? I do!=)

Jusco Sunway Pyramid
Lower Ground 2, New Wing
Sunway Pyramid

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