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Lunch @ Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak [28th Jan 2010]

When talk about Setapak, it reminds me so much. I spent 4 years being there during my college life. Back in January, I was at Setapak area to buy a number plate for my new car at the JPJ headquarter.

When I reached JPJ headquarter, it was near to 1pm. I was told that they were closed for lunch break and the services only resumed at 2pm. I supposed it was a good time for me to visit Taman Bunga Raya for my lunch rather than just waiting.
Taman Bunga Raya

The street on that day were rather quiet, because most of the TARC students were having their semester break. Otherwise, it will be a very busy street. Back then during my college life, I do not owned a car, and I did ate out a lot in this area.
The street that usually full with TARCians

There was this particular roadside stall that was famous for their economy fried Bee Hoon. The Bee Hoon costed you only RM 1 and comes with sambal. Obviously, you can add on some side dishes if you fancy some extra bites.
Plenty to choose from

Tom Yam Bee Hoon with Fish Stick (RM 2)
The Bee Hoon was decently flavoured with Tom Yum. I'd still prefer the original Bee Hoon though. I chose this as the original one were sold out. And the sambal still tasted as good that goes well with the Bee Hoon. Man, brought back lots of my memories during my college time!

There were tables and chairs being setup by the roadside for those that chose to have it there. Back then, I always sit there with my bunch of friends for our lunch. I was told by the Auntie that the Bee Hoon stall boss took over the corner coffee shop right opposite this stall, and you could actually have your bee hoon there. This time round, I opted to sit in the coffee shop because it was so hot outside.
Watermelon Juice (RM 1.80)
Obviously, the price has increased but it was still below the RM 2 mark. Still tasted very decent, and at it's price, you really could not complain any further.

I walked up the alley until I reached another corner end of the shop lot. My stomach was still hungry and I chose mixed rice as my second meal because the mixed rice at Taman Bunga Raya used to be good, cheap and delicious during my college time. However, I stoned a while when the lady passed me the white rice and ask me to scoop my preferred dishes. Back then, it was them that scooped your preferred dishes.
Mixed Rice with 3 dishes (RM 3.50)
I took some pickled vegetables, fried pork meat and a slice of luncheon meat. Taste wise, the vegetables was bland while the fried pork meat was full with fats! It costs me RM 3.50 for this plate. I find it slightly pricey though. Perhaps, I was accustomed to the old price of RM 2.80 that comes with 4 dishes of your choice and a plain rice.

The place still looked pretty much the same minus the part where the TAR college kids are getting richer as told by some of the old folks of the stall. Oh, how fast things have changed! Anything it is, Taman Bunga Raya will always have a place in my memory lane.

At the Street of:
Jalan Malinja 2
Taman Bunga Raya
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Hey KJ, I actually kinda miss this place too! XD


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